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Purchasing a Sliding Mitre saw for General DIY

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Hi All, 
This would be for general home DIY use 
I have quite a few dewalt cordless tools (circular saw, jigsaw, planer and drills etc), and the 625 router , i purchased the 625 as it seemed it would cover everything i may need to do , with a 35 piece 1/2" bit set.

I'm thinking now of adding a Sliding Mitre Saw to my tool collection

I have seen a DWS774 £200 in wickes and quite liked it, seemed very portsble small footprint and solid with positive movements and locking 
but they are out of stock 
Screwfix has a DWS773 £199 - but that does not have the XPS shadow line

However, a friend mentioned an evolution , its a bit big, and did not appear as solid build and positive on the movements , also the rails come out the back a long way. I do like the multipurpose blade and the cutting sizes.

Problem is you cant go to a shop and see these side by side anymore , best i have seen is Machinemart, NO Dewalt or B&Q again no dewalt or Wickes only had a dewalt and a wickes brand.

So that got me looking at other models and the DWS778 £399- which seems like a really good saw, has a good range of cutting depths 300mm x 80mm , looks reasonably portable. I guess if i could find a deal for maybe this & spare blade and Stand , I would probably go for it.

I was thinking about the 18V cordless, but I'm not trade and will be near power , also it seems bigger as the rails come out the back, although some reports say double bevel.

The 778 with a portable dewalt mitre stand comes out quite expensive £399 + £135 from FFX 
They are advertising 7 days of deals, next week 3rd June 2019, so hoping they have some deals on Monday - Dewalt day.

I would be interested in peoples views who have some of these tools and what they think.

As i say its just for general DIY use around the home.

look forward to users/members views

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Hitachi, Makita, and Festool all have rail forward options now. Bosch and Delta also have a compact rail design as well. Sounds like you are not interested in the rails sticking out the back and these options would fit your needs.

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1 hour ago, ETAF said:


ok, what model would you recommend, given my original post

I would have to research model numbers but something like these would fit your needs but they are not DIY units they are pro grade just like the DeWALTs.


Bosch Glide



Makita's Miter saw comes in 10 in or 12 in with cordless and corded models available. 12 in cordless might not be available yet but the other 3 should be.



Festool Kapex. Expensive but good quality. We only have the 120 mm model in North America but there are a lot more options in the European market.




Delta Cruzer. I don't know how quality this brand is now. I don't know how good this saw is but it might be an option. It is similar to the Bosch.



Hikoki(Metabo HPT in North America) used to be Hitachi sells quite a few rail forward options. In both corded and cordless options. 



Any of these should fit your needs. I would look at each option and pick whichever one you think will be best for your needs. I think you will be pleased with any of these brands compact rail sliding miter saws.

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I was going to order the Bosch Axial Glide. Checked a local ad and the 779 Dewalt was on sale for $329. Wanted newer style without the rails sticking way out the back but for the price I had to try the Dewalt. Long story short, I friggin love this saw. Added the XPS LED shadow line upgrade package to it (led shadow cut line is FAR superior to a laser, needs no adjustment, and shows the full width of the blade). So now I have just under $400 into this saw and it's won me over. No knock, the latest saws are awesome, but this old school Dewalt delivers.

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Thanks - I'm trying to see if i can get a deall on the DWS778 with a Dewalt DeWalt DE7033 and some Freud Blades 

Just seeing if i can get a good deal tomorrow 

i looked at some in B&Q & Wickes etc today, but nothing seemed of very high quality - JCB, Evolution etc


I researched some of the Bosch's are seem very expensive 

Also the Makita's i saw in B&Q they only had the Chop saw 

so difficult to go look in the shops and just really in youtube videos 


I hope the Freud blades are as good as some of the reviews suggest

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Well, I purchased this morning, at FFX as they had some good prices on there 7 day deals 

Arriving tomorrow Wednesday 

DWS778 + stand + Freud blades 80T & 60T 

Hope its good 

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