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Are the Milwaukee square sockets any good?

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Not seeing your photo. If you mean square as in sockets intended to drive a SQUARE "bolt" almost all bolts and nuts are hex, except the ends of taps. That is where a true square socket shines. In deep holes on new threads where you need lots of cutting fluid and you have to back it out every few threads, they aren't much use. In tapping holes in sheet metal for mounting electrical equipment or chasing out banged up threads driving a tap with a good drill/driver goes much faster and cleaner than the junk tap holders the tap sets come with. But it's like basin wrenches..,specialized use.

If it's just a socket, the word impact is really the key. In our crew we have a good mix never mind the main shop with close to two dozen mechanics but the HF impact sets do just as well as the high end SK stuff. I don't work in a shop. I'm field service. So for me having hand tools that I can live with losing and having to buy new is important. For example if it falls in a chemical tank, off a boat deck, or in raw sewage, I'm probably never going to see it again. So my high end Blackhawk set (from 25 years ago) stays in a bag as my backup set. Our crew uses mostly either Harbor Freight or Kobalt because they're cheap and convenient to replace. If you have an HD everywhere (very few in Virginia and Carolinas) it would be different. The closest HD to my house is 2 hours away (about 100 mioes). I love Milwaukee and that's my core power tool set but not for hand tools.

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