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Safety Boots

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Hi guys,


I just recently started renovating my kitchen and will soon go about knocking part of a wall down. Does anyone have recommendations for safety boots - kind of like these - with steel caps. Anyone know of any good deals?




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Depends on what the extra protection is for.

Safety toes are in case you drop something big on your foot, nothing more. But they protect the ties, not metatarsals. Metatarsal boots extend this all the way back to your ankle albeit not all that comfortably until recently. Today thanks to a Brit some of them come with D3O which is this awesome foam that makes it just a fat tongue in the boot. Very popular with welders not just for the protection but if a piece of molten slag lands on the boot it just rolls off instead of burning through.

As far as the various types, carbon fiber is the lightest, composite light and not thermally conductive (think winter), and steel the heaviest with prices following the obvious trend.

Another thing to consider is shanks. The shank is a short plate in the sole. Most boots have a short one because it helps keep the shoe from rolling as you walk. Lineman and ditch digger (shovel) boots have 3/4 or full shank. This is a little less comfortable because the boot is much stiffer and doesn’t bend at the toes and arch. The advantage is that you can stand on a ladder rung or throw your full weight onto a shovel without bruising your feet. So if you will be digging footers a longer shank is a huge plus.

Finally there are puncture resistant inserts and boots. I strongly recommend the latter. The inserts take up about a half size so you can’t reuse existing boots and they are basically a piece of steel with some foam on top that feels like standing on thin foam covering a steel plate (ow!)

As a side note there is “EH” that is a thin membrane that is supposed to protect from shock. It is not tested and does NOT work. Please don’t ask how I know about the latter. Let’s just say I and others have tested it.

As far as what you need, the most common residential construction accident next to getting stuff in your eyes has to be nails through the foot. Rarely getting things dropped on your foot. As a mostly industrial maintenance person after about 30 years of experience I’d say I’ve put nails through my foot 4 or 5 times, dropped something on my foot where the steel toe worked maybe 2-3 times, and hit my metatarsals at least twice. Unless you religiously pound out the nails every time and pick every nail and screw up every time it will happen eventually.

The best thing about steel toes is you can kick the blank out of something when you need to. Or balance something heavy on your foot comfortably. Like when a horse plays “lean” with you or steps on your foot to show dominance. In bare feet (been there done that) it is very painful and bruises for a week. In steel toes you can laugh at the horse attempting it as their foot rolls off yours!

All that being said what I’m trying to say is for a kitchen remodel probably not safety toes. If anything puncture resistant soles would be my first thought if I did it professionally. Regardless you need to try them on in a store. They all fit very differently from a standard shoe/boot. Safety toes in particular have a tendency to cut into the sides or top of your foot so you often need a larger toe box or the right width or go up a size from what you are used to. Also consider riggers. So comfortable. There is a reason they’re popular.

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My biggest use of a hard toe shoe is the fact I can rest things on my shoe without discomfort. ie a piece of plywood. Protection from falling objects is not that big of a deal to me

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