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Cyber Truck

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Did anyone watch the Cyber Truck unveil? I don't regularly watch vehicle unveils but I thought I would watch this one since it is a truck. Would anyone use this for work or is the design too different? Many seemed on the fence if they liked the truck or not. Some of the features are nice like the ramp built into the tailgate, built in bed cover, places to hook up air/220v/110v, and super tough exoskeleton. I thought at first the back seat wouldn't have much head room but I saw a video of a 6'5" guy say he had plenty of room. The specs are good. 6.5' bed, 500+ mile range, 14,000 lb towing, 3500 lb payload, and a 0-60 in under 3 seconds for the highest tier option. The footprint is roughly that of an f150. The lowest tier option starts at $39,000 but has rwd only, less towing, slower 0-60, and less range. The payload is the same between the three tiers. A couple concerns I had were the lack of side mirrors. For a vehicle designed to tow, you can't just replace a towing mirror with a camera. You wont get the same functionality. Another issue I have is there is no screen in front of the driver meaning to see important vehicle information like your current speed requires you to have to turn your head away from the road to look at the center console.  



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