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Cleaning up Metal parts on DeWalt Buscuit Joiner

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Just scored a working DeWalt Buscuit Joiner   for 30 bucks.    Appears to run OK, and the plate angles and depth adjustment appear to operate well.  However, the plate metal (face plates, angle mechanisms) are pretty tarnished/oxidized/weathered.    Wondered if any of you seasoned DeWalt users have any tips or tricks for cleaning up (polishing the metal, removing the oxidation and or tarnish, etc)???


Not sure it really affects performance, but I'd think that smooting up/polishing the metal parts would improve ease of use and accuracy!    I was about to try some fine sandpaper or steel wool, but thought I'd reach out for ideas.


So appreciate any ideas/tips you all might offer!


Merry New Year all..



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Welcome to the forum.


Is this a DeWALT DW682K Plate Joiner tool?


Sandpaper is not a good idea. It can change the shape of the surfaces.


I have had success improving corroded surfaces w/ a detached utility knife blade, hand-held w/ the sharp blade dragged (not pushed) across the surface.


An SOS steel wool pad might be useful, but the water required for this cleaner is not great on the tool. Maybe it would work w/ extreme care.


The Nevr-Dull magic wadding polish is very handy and might work here.


Pictures would be handy, but it might not be possible for the OP to post them yet.

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