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M12 fuel hackzall or M18 fuel hackzall

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After years of being strictly "Dewalt only" I recently took a peek at the Milwaukee power tool line up, Milwaukee impressed me so much that I decided to add a secondary platform, I decided to go for the m12 because of the stubby and the ratchet wrench were what luredme over to Milwaukee.


So far I have the following:


1.   M12 hackzall (brushed version)


2.    M12 3/8 ratchet (brushed version, originally i wanted the fuel version but came across a deal the i could not turned down, not only was it priced right but it came with 2 1.5ah batteries that game me the opportunity to build my m12 battery collection)


3.   Voltage continuity tester. 


4.  Automotive led light.


*** items 2, 3 and 4 were part of a kit priced at $199, came with charger and 2 1.5 ah batteries.  


I am waiting on a good stubby/battery deal before I pull the trigger.  Preferably one with a high ah battery.  


Next on my priority list is another one handed saw, I love my brushed m12 brushed version but I need something a little more higher. My immediate thought is to go with the m18 fuel hackzall which I am really trying to avoid going to the m18 platform. I am wondering how much more powerful is the m12 fuel hackzall than the my brushed version. 


Does anyone have experience with both the m12 brushed hackzall vs the m12 fuel hackzall? 


Feedback greatly appreciated!

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The m12 fuel is night and day better than the brushed one. It'll get you by for light duty tasks great. It has a lot more power than that brushed one. But, having all three, the M18 fuel hackzall is not that much bigger or heavier, but cuts so quick and smooth with so much power it will replace using any other Sawzall for 95% of your tasks. Depends what you're mainly cutting with it.

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