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DWE 7480 Dado

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I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm not repeating this question.


I have DWE 7480 10" table saw and I come to find out this model is not intended to use a dado set.

I only found this out after purchasing a throat plate, which did not work, and a dado set that can only accept a dado width up to a 1/2". We actually made our own throat plate so the 1/2" will work.


The arbor is too short to take the full set of dados and only can fit the 1/2" width. I'm bummed.

I did some research and found out other Dewalt 10" saws accept dados. So many different models. As I understand it, some have the same motor as my 7480 and they accept a dado set. Not sure why my model does not.


My question is, can I replace my arbor with an arbor from the models that accept a dado set? Otherwise I have a few choices. (1) I buy a new saw, (2) I use the set up and make a couple passes with the 1/2" dado (PIA) (3) I use my router (More of a PIA)


I'm hoping someone has a solution.


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I can only get a pinch more than a 1/2"

The set goes to 7/8"-be nice to get full use of it.


I tried two passes yesterday, and it does work, but a pain because I'm doing multiple dados

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