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I am on my third ... saw. but theres tears in my beer

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tears really.

Now my 3rd 20V B&D 12" LCS1020 saw has just stopped running. First one lasted longest, purchased 10/12/15 with its original 2.0 Ah (LBXR2020) battery and a B&D branded (LBZX4020-OPE) 4.0 Ah battery.  

Then stuff got ugly. I bought a Powerextra 5.0A 20V MAX battery advertised as compatible on 7/8/18.. 

Smoke show.

The worst smell you ever did NOT want to smell coming from the MOTOR of your machine. Most intense right from the cooling vents near the motor.

I did get that tree down in 1 cut.

Powerxtra did compensate me for the battery and the saw, but in the mean time you know, tears... beers.  

I call(ed) that one my little chain buddy. 

I got a new little Chainey, and bought another 4.0 Ah Munikind battery later in the summer of 18.


Pretty much smooth sailing and gentle cuts with lots of breaks, but I did get a whiff of that same smell now and then in the meantime, the one that gives me a tight feeling in my gut,c cause you know something is wrong.


I opened the side cover of first one and did not see anything I could do for the poor thing. What can I do now? Out of warranty, no new battery to blame. I dint even remember which battery made the saw smell burny. 

Is there a sacrificial part that keeps giving up the ghost THAT I CAN REPLACE?

An electric fuseable link?

check continuity where?

It can't be the motor, I mean really, the motor goes first? Never. 

For all the great things electricity can do I am not a super expert although I can use a voltmeter and a soldering iron. my grandfather taught me that. He was the "best radio man in Worcester County" in 1940.


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the red wire has continuity from the battery terminal to the motor if I hold the switch. The black ground goes into a circuit board, but I can't get continuity from battery terminal to motor.

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I finally got the case halves apart. And Looked at all the wires. The switch is on the red leads, the black (and yellow) go to a circuit board. The smell maybe is coming from the motor. I have my original saw apart, and the electrical burning smell may have dissipated somewhat over the last year. There is no obvious damage to the IC board.

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