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New BL cut out tool CO181D / DCO181

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I think your wish is likely to be granted...it just might take a while.

A lot of things here look promising to me. The brushed version of this tool shares the same handle and battery interface with a LOT of Makita tools. Only the part of the tool that does the actual work changes. That’s great for design efficiency because they can make a lot of different tools recycling major parts of the design.

With this cutout tool, the actual part that does the cutting looks to be entirely unchanged. It’s very possible Makita will decide that for a number of these there’s not much need for significant redesigns...just replace the brushed chassis with a brushless motor and that’s all you need.


I would think the same for a lot of these tools...they don’t need much in the way of huge design overalls just lose the antiquated brushed motors. Since they’re practically modular in design, Makita can just upgrade a huge swath of their tools to brushless all at once with very little development time.


I’m not likely to spend the money to upgrade to this particular tool I just don’t use it often enough and when I do the run time isn’t a bother to me. However the biscuit cutter is another tool using that same old handle and that frankly has lousy run times on the old brushed motor. If they’re doing this the way I think they are and the biscuit cutter is among the tools they are upgrading I’m going to be stoked.

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Sorry I realize I probably over-explained a lot you already knew just going into why I’m actually really excited about a tool I have no plans to buy

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I understand you, have same thinking. I have die grinder, plate joiner and nibbler with old brushed body. I would not buy this new cut out tool, but definitely I will buy die grinder a and plate joiner with new BL technology. Perhaps Makita will not let us waiting too long (as with OMT tool 😃).

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Actually now that you mention it, this handle strikes me as looking a lot like the diagrams for the OMT patents we’ve seen floating around. Sorta supporting the assumption the new one will be brushless, and that it might be close to release.

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