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NEW for Bosch in 2015: 36 Volts Garden tools !

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First up are Lawn Mowers and Brushcutters. they will be powered by a new 36 Volts  6.0 Amp battery. They will have a new " Fast charging bank".   This charger will be able to top up the batteries in 42 Minutes.

Later in 2015 we will see hedge cutters and blowers.  and soemthing special:  A very large wheeled portable "power station".  Basically a VERY big lithium battery on wheels.  you will be able to charge it at home and during they day you can recharge your 36Volt 6.0 Amp batteries several times from the Power station.  

The power station should even have a power inlet so you can attack a corded tool ( probably with a max watt draw. ) so you can run a corded tool from the Power station !

Hefty price tag tho =D

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That's really cool that these company's are comin out with lawn equipment so u can represent ur favorite brand even while cutting the grass.

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Man Briggs if I was Briggs and Stratton I would be worried. I think in 10 years we won't see much in gas powered lawn equipment. The battery tech will be so good and emission laws will be too strict that gas ope won't be economical for consumer use unless you have acreage. Even then I see the possibility of decent battery powered riding lawn equipment by then. The only people that will still use liquid fuel is people that can't deal with any sort of charge time and will pay more to have a motor will all sorts of electronics and emission controls. Briggs has a MPFI V twin engine coming out this year so its happening and it provides better fuel economy at the same time.

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Back in the day, one of the big tractor manufacturers came out with an electric tractor. It used a lot if lead acid batteries. It didn't work out though. I still see gas being around for many many years. For the homeowner with an acre or less I can easily see cordless as the most viable option.

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that's a nice looking lawn mower - I like it....but how long is the runtime on that thing ? :D

I definitely gonna buy a bosch blower when its released...I prolly save my money this year on Black Friday buying a blower and wait until next year or so :P

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Madman !

Here's some more info:


Keep in mind that this is not all official Bosch news yet.  It's from an inside Bosch powerpoint but the information seems to be quite far already so I suppose not much will be changing by the time it's out officially.




1.  At the left.  Brushcutters.


GFR 36 V-LI 251M   &  GFR 36 V-Li 421L


  • EC Brushless Motor powered by the 36V 6AH Battery.
  • Power comparable to gas engine
  • 75 to 90 minutes of worktime for the GFR 36 V-LI 251M
  • 40 to 60 minutes of worktime for the GFR 36 V-LI 421L
  • 89Db noise.  Quite low !
  • Fully Waterproof


I'm not sure what the Difference between the 2 models is but i suppose the "Width" of trimming and thus power usafe involved.  Only 1 model is pictured in the powerpoint .


2. At the top:  Hedge Trimmers


Not more information in the powerpoint on these.  We do see 1 battery and i would suppose it's also powered by a Brushless Ec motor to get comparable power to Gas models.    They do have a date stamp of  3/15 so hopefully March will bring more news !


3. In the dead center:  The 36V  6Ah Battery




Dutch language on here.  Basically it says the following:


  • Weatherproof for use in all weather conditions
  • Powerfull, robust and long runtime
  • 2.3 kg weight
  • Bosch coolpack tehcnology
  • LCd display to show percentage of remaining charge ( and possibly over heating codes / error codes etc... )

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4. Below the battery:  The Fast charger




  • Waterproof for all weather conditions
  • Powerfull and quick charging
  • 42 Minutes for a full 100% charge and  30 Minutes for 80% charge.
  • Aluminium housing. Durable.

5.  At the bottom:  The lawn mowers.


More info has already been posted at the top of this thread.   It does look to me like there will be 2 different models because bosch has drawn 2 lawn mowers on the picture. We'll have to wait and see

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6. To the right side of the battery:   The charging station


This is the special thing that suprised me.  From what i can gather from the powerpoint it's a VERy big Lithium Ion pack on wheels from which you can charge the 36V 6Ah battery packs.  For a professional gardener this would be the equivalent to Hitachi's or Stihl's battery backpacks.   You just charge the Power bank at home.   And during your workday it'll give you the juice to charge 6 of the 36V  6Ah batteries.  amazing idea. I do not want to know the price on this one tho.




Specs and info's from what I can gather from the powerpoint:


  • The Mobile charging System has 2 outlets on the top and room for 2 of the 36V Chargers. you can just plug them in in the sockets.
  • The Mobile charging System has enough juice to charge 6 of the 36V 6Ah Batteries troughout the day.
  • The Mobile charging system itself is charged in 3 hours
  • 2 chargers can be installed on top for charging 2x 36V 6Ah batteries simultaneously.
  • NOT REALLY SURE ABOUT THIS, but.... it does seem like the outlets can even be used to power corded tools with a max 1000 Watt power draw.  But as wording on a powerpoint is usually very short i'm not sure but that's how  i understand it.  Amazing :D

This one has a timestamp of 7/15  in the powerpoint so that's still 7 months off !


7 & 8: To the right of the circle:  Blower and Battery belt


Unfortunatly not more info on these things.  The belt is just for holding a few batteries.  No idea of it actually features a cable or sockets or anything to " plug" in your tools from there.


Timestamp for the Belt:  3/15

Timestamp for the Blower: 7/15

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