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  2. One step at a time. I didn't realize early on how complex these machines are. The troubleshooting manuals are so worthwhile.
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    How bout hi! I'm 63, semi retired and enjoy working on and keeping my power tools. Some background in machining and self taught in mechanics.
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    Corded impact 9070-20 Hi, new to forum. Replacing the armature on my 1/2" impact. Got it apart easy enough but have a question. How to remove the bearings from the old one since the new armature didn't include new ones. Thinking someone makes mini bearing removal tools? Ordered new ones in case these cannot be removed. Should I cool the armature and warm the new bearings before attempting installation? Thanks, B.R.
  6. Why don't you ask those garage door repair expert to make a remote control to open or close the garage door?
  7. my lack of attention to detail: only beeps when left lever pushed or pulled, leading to the main drive not the slave.
  8. Welcome aboard! I'm also new 😄
  9. Anything should work. The idea is to stop seizing and wear. Grease will eventually get hot and melt everywhere doing the same thing as oil. When I cleaned my old metabo grinder, it was also packed with grease in the housing.
  10. If both levers are not working, I'm wondering if it's the drive as there are two, one for each rear wheel? I wonder if it's something feeding both controllers? Maybe the troubleshooting manual will offer a process to check the power feed to the control lever mechanisms? Just SWAGing here.
  11. Called and talked to them. Of course, mower not doing this at time, but knowledgeable service. Told me immediately that 12 meant bad connection to main drive and that’s where I should look. If it continues and the wires are secure, they can send another drive for me to swap. I asked and he said he could send me the troubleshooting guide, which I got. PM me if you’d like. Agree with your comment: 12 beeps not on the list. Again super thanks to you, Jim. I’d have never even counted the beeps before you asking about it. Will update here as things progress.
  12. couple new rotary hammer drills and a new 15 ah battery
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  14. What type of grinder? Could be the brushes unless it's brushless?
  15. I believe the issue looks like a fault where the battery connects to the tool allowing it to vibrate ever so slightly during use. Regardless of heat protection the terminal should not melt unless the contact is poor. I use many tools continuously over and over until the battery drains and it should not melt. A line trimmer draws little current so the battery should barely get warm. Milwaukee have been the most disappointing in terms of battery quality for me over the last few years. Their batteries have been so bad that unless it's a specialised tool I can't buy from anyone else, I avoid Milwaukee now.
  16. The 12 beeps is confounding since it's not documented in the manual. If it beeps exactly 12 times each time, that's a real question for Ryobi to address. The testing procedure listed in the troubleshooting manual should be the same for the ZTs.
  17. Clamped means I first thought the seat switch was not being made. So I removed it from the seat and clamped it in the depressed position. Doesn’t eliminate if it’s defective completely, but… Another thought I have is that it may need to be opened and then closed again to reset whatever circuit logic that is kicking in
  18. Kurt: PM'd you with some troubleshooting documentation. Don't know if I should make it public, hence the PM. Hoping it might help.
  19. I just had to return my M18 Fuel quick attach weed eater. Melted battery terminal and connection port on the power head on the 3rd time using it. I have a large area to cut and was scything the grass so the mower could pick it up easier. I was thinking there was a faulty battery or such but after looking here (great photos, thank you) i see this looks more like a cooling issue. Not sure the best way to proceed with this product now. A tool is meant to be used...which is unfortunate because i'm impressed with the ease of use and how quiet everything is. I can actually hear rocks bouncing off the walls.
  20. According to the manual, turn the key off, open the levers, turn the key on, and close the levers in neutral position. The beeping gives me pause. Not sure what you mean by clamped off, but I wonder if the switch has become defective somehow. My neighbor had issue with his as it kept popping out of the latched position. I have the seat switch test procedure on my PC and I'll look it up later. I wonder if the parking brake switch is amuck and causing the problem.
  21. Does not move in either direction with either lever. Hi/low no matter. Seat switch physically removed from seat and clamped, so it’s not it (unless there’s an intermittent open somewhere) tell me the system reset detail please? At one point, we were convinced that removing and reinserting the key was the ticket, but no. Is there a combination lock between the levers and the key with a sequence? ryobi support has been long hold and work hasn’t been that flexible - plus mower at home appreciate your knowledge
  22. My sys light kal II and two 6.2 ah batteries arrived. The light is ok. I would have expected a much brighter light for the $200 price tag. The light it shines is a nice light though. I would like to see a 3rd generation that is brighter to make the value of the product much better.
  23. You mentioned diy but also woodworking. If your going into woodworking you might want to look into multichuck drills like the m12 instalation driver, Bosch Flexiclick, Festools, etc. If you get into larger tools, that Flexvolt kit will be a great option because you can use the battery to power the more powerful tools. I would look into other brands in addition to the DeWALT kits you mentioned.
  24. The last post regarding Porter Cable PCB660DP- I welded the "Motor Bar Shift Assembly" back together and with the head of the Drill Press removed from the post and laid upside down I was able to get access to the inside. With a couple of tries I was able to re-assemble the repaired part. Replaced the head back onto the post. Now the drill press is back in working order. Next time I'll read the manual first.
  25. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!
  26. Welcome to the forum. When DeWALT created the Lithium Ion XR power tools, referred to as 20V MAX XR in the US, they were also still actively selling their (now discontinued) 18V XRP power tools. DeWALT concluded that US customers would be confused by the similar naming of 18V XR (Lithium Ion) and 18V XRP (Ni-Cd) power tools, so the US tools are named 20V MAX XR, where the RoW identical tools are 18V XR. Long answer to the UAE DeWALT guy being correct about tools for that country being branded as 18V XR. The DeWALT DCB115 4A charger is included w/ 20V/60V FLEXVOLT kits, so it is compatible. That DCB115 charger is compatible w/ 12V MAX, 20V MAX and 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT battery packs. There are other chargers available that will properly charge that DeWALT DCB609 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 9Ah battery at a faster rate.
  27. 1. When it won't move forward, will it move in reverse? 2. Problem is with both levers? 3. What happens if the levers are moved out and back in? Required to reset the system after turning the key to on. 4. Any difference in high or low speed settings? 5. Beeping is most likely due to the seat safety switch not being triggered by the operator's weight. 5. Call the Ryobi support number on the label under the seat and have all of the other numbers available for the support person.
  28. I have Flex Volt 20V batteries (9ah). Can I charge them with a DCB115 charger (bought locally)? the charger says it charges batteries up to 18V on the bottom of the charger, It says it has an output of 22V. I live in the UAE and according to the local Dewalt guy, all they can get here is 18V stuff. Admins: Please delete this post if its duplicate.
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