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  2. I don't have any idea with any of them either. But I guess Milwaukee would cut more slabs than Dewalt. As Milwaukee batteries are better than Dewalt.
  3. Oh right. I apologize I didn't look at your location.
  4. Can't say I've heard of it. There are many good brands to buy from. I recommend to buy a good tool that would last a long time even if you're using them for diy. Toolboxnerd really helped me in finding the right tool for me.
  5. hi tell us about the event ! just the battery presentation ? did you talk to some product managers ? how many people there any other tolls releases talked about ? like info on the new 21gage pin nailer or the new cordless ratchets or nwe dcf900 impact ? what did they say about release of a 5ah we know this new small one is scheduled for 1. dez.21 so, any pricing information ? please share some info ! thx mike
  6. I will be getting a RY408100VNM snowblower when they become available in a few weeks. This brand new model is a single stage, 21" wide, battery powered by two 7.5 ahr. sequential batteries machine. It will replace my 21 year old Toro S2000 two stroke unit and free me from all gas powered lawn tools. Can't wait for the snow to fly.
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  8. We just went to the event and looks like a cool new concept. More power, more run time and a longer life battery. Basically the 1.7Ah battery we saw there is equivalent to about a 4Ah battery. So I would think when they come out with the 5Ah, it would be close to a 10Ah battery. Not sure if it really equates to a 2 times the higher you go but either way a big improvement on power, size and longevity.
  9. I haven't heard anything yet
  10. That's a great set up. Talk about utilizing every square inch. Nice job , looks awesome. I like it when everything has a place because when you need it, you know where it is.
  11. so there is still NO news ? more rumors ? anyone please share some info thx
  12. Last week
  13. I was thinking if we have them in UK / EU with Pozi head probably it would be with Phillips head in the US. Thanks for the photo.
  14. I just bought a new 2-battery Makita 36 volt circular saw from Home Depot. I like the saw, but do not like how the blade guard catches on the wood as it bumps into it. It does not retract smoothly and sometimes causes the saw to angle. Is there any way to get it to work properly? Also, since there is no way to attach the blade removal tool to the saw, has anyone found a good way to attach it? I fear it will just get lost eventually.
  15. R1FF

    Tough System Racking

    You have them setup in a vehicle? I'm putting mine in a box trailer. I cant see the plastic lasting that long. But I’d love to be wrong. The discontinued van racking was all metal. Two lateral braces. Four vertical struts. And three brackets that secured each vertical struts to the wall. And the base was metal. The harmonics/vibrations of being in a vehicle seems like it would take a toll on the plastic over time.
  16. I think there are confirmat screws with Phillip's head. Saw these a while back.
  17. Altan

    Tough System Racking

    Swapping out the plastic for metal almost in everything is needed in my opinion.
  18. Hope it will reduce the size of 6Ah/8Ah/10Ah batteries to the size of 5Ah batteries.
  19. I have a problem different from anything I read on Google. I have a M18 XC 5.0 that I purchased about 2-1/2 years. I hadn’t needed it right away so it sat in my drawer for about a year. I took it out of the package and put it onto the charger and worked GREAT for about 6 months. My problem is, the battery indicator light shows fully charged however, when I put it onto the tool, NOTHING, no power. (DEAD). I put it back onto the charger and it says it’s fully charged (GREEN). I haven’t done anything with the battery since today (about 6 months later). I watched a lot of videos about testing volts so, I opened it up only to find out according to my multi meter and videos I watched, it’s fully charged and all the battery testing confirms there is nothing wrong with it. I thought it might be my charger however, I do have a second battery and it works flawlessly on the charger and on the same tool. If I take a positive and negative from that battery and run a test light, Lots of power. I put my multi meter over the other 3 connectors on the battery and it tests the same as the good battery fully charged. While I had the battery apart, I couldn’t see any corrosion or bent tabs where it connects to the tool. All batteries inside test at 4.00 to 4.02 and the main test at 20.04. I put back on the top cover and I get 20.04 however I can’t get power to my tool. Other battery works fine on my tool
  20. New member - Just purchased the following items (from HD Canada) P191/PBP206 and PCG002 Charger because my old nicads would only last 2-3 minutes. They were on sale at an excellent price and I read that they would work in my jig saw (P523), my circular saw (P501) and my drill (P206). I am wondering if my old NiCad chargers can charge these batteries? The old charger number is P110, 18V
  21. Does anywhere know where i can get the above? I can only find one of the two when searching online... alternatively, can anyone tell me the size so i can just buy some normal spanners? Many thanks :)
  22. Cool link. Lots of info available on Li Ion cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cell batteries. Here is a nice comparison link. Cylindrical Prismatic Pouch Tesla will not use pouch cell batteries, instead remaining with 7,000 18,650 cylindrical cells. Possibly DeWALT will remain w/ pouch cells only for their smaller Ah packs for safety reasons.
  23. DeWALT is introducing a new 20v max battery called Powerstack that foregoes the cylindrical cell system for a flat pack design. It will be available later this year. Here is a good read about it on ToolGuyd. https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-powerstack-battery/
  24. I have 3 of the regular wall racks setup and haven't had any issues even after a few years of use. Swapping out the plastic for metal just isn't needed in my opinion.
  25. If you look near the battery terminals, there is a number above the QR code, and I believe the first 2 digits represent the year the battery was manufactured. You should be good if you are within 3 years; however, let an authorized Makita service center make that determination: https://www.service-center-locator.com/makita/makita-service-center.htm Even if you are outside the 3 years, the worse they can say is "no."
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