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  3. Lights started blinking on and off while cutting - then it turned off - why?
  4. While some people seem to have success with knock off batteries, I personally would steer clear. A lot of times the performance doesn't match the amp hour rating like a genuine battery. Then there are some safety concerns such as does it have the technology to not fry your tool or burn down your house while charging. Not saying that they will and I'm sure there are some that are just fine but to me it's not worth the risk. If you go this route I would just make sure to read reviews and try get somewhat reputable knock offs. Genuine batteries alone aren't cheap and more than lik
  5. I am a tailor and I run a xxxtentacion store and for that I have been buy a new sizer for that and this one is a good one for the stitching of shirts and hoodies as well.
  6. I bought a LXDT04 impact driver in 2014. It has been great! However, the batteries don't hold a charge nearly as long as they used to. This weighs on me a bit as I'm getting ready to build my new home. I see that 2 new 18v batteries can be had for around $37. Looks like they may be from China...but I'm not sure on that. Is it worth spending that on batteries of possible unknown quality...on an impact driver that's seen a fair bit of use? Or.......would it make more sense to just invest in a new driver and keep this one, with its old batteries, as a back-up/spare?
  7. Hi, new to this forum. Just purchased DWE560 circular saw. Does anyone know if there is a guide rail that you can use for this. doesn't seem to be any scope to attach it to anything? if not is just a case of using a strait edge as a guide to push it along? thanks for any help, going mad looking for an off the shelf solution!
  8. What do you think about after completing your porch, you can decorate them with some solar porch lights? I think it would be a good idea to add a nice touch to your porch. These Otdair solar lantern lights are manufactured with a built-in light sensor. This means that the lights illuminate automatically at dark hours and turn off automatically in the daytime. These versions are money and energy-saving options since they do not add up to expensive electric bills. They are furnished with long-lasting LED bulbs, come with a contemporary style, and are built with sturdy glass and stainless ste
  9. I’m in the market for an upright compressor. I have it narrowed down to 2 choices and would like some opinions to help me decide. 1st choice is a craftsman 80 gallon 5.4 hp 2 stage single phase 175 psi. Already plumbed with a dryer. 2nd choice Atlas Copco 5hp 60 gallons 2 stage 165 psi. There’s only $50 difference in the price. Which one
  10. Last week
  11. Hi Chris, I think I have found the same problem as you. I also have 2 of these sanders, both of which have a failed 'fan' unit in different ways. In one the armature has sheared off the fan and the other has your 'constant turning' problem so nothing can be attached properly. I've resolved that both need the fan unit replacing. The problem being finding the things as they don't seem to be available anymore. I'm wondering if any similar sanders have a fan unit which fits. I've found the following available: https://www.sparepartsworld.co.uk/product/SPARE
  12. Recently purchased a 2733 Sliding Miter Saw and have a couple of questions: 1. This is the first ‘sliding’ miter saw I’ve had. In the Operator’s Manual there is a section on ‘Setting for Chop Cuts’. The section says ‘... pull the head forward and tighten the slide rail lock.’. Does that mean that any chop cut should be done with the head pulled all the way forward? Or is it meant to mean to set the head at the right spot for the cut and then tighten the lock? 2. There is a ‘workpiece clamp’ included with the saw. The diameter of the clamp
  13. Just were wondering if Makita are going to make batteries with built in Bluetooth like Hikoki (Metabo HPT), Festool and Ridgid. Or are they just going to have the Bluetooth in the tool itself. Would help if somebody tell me something about it
  14. I have thousands of dollars worth of Ego products. I don't know of anyone else on this forum who uses their stuff as much as I do. Lawn care and snow removal are my main sources of income. While I have experienced problems with their products, I don't expect you will as long as it is homeowner use. My stuff gets more wear and tear than the average Ego user so I am already at an elevated risk of failure of a product. On this list I would recommend Ego over the others. Makita would be a close second.
  15. I would contact Sears. This is technically Craftsman but under Sears. It is kinda confusing since SB&D sells products under the Craftsman name in addition to what is left of Sears selling their Craftsman products.
  16. I ordered a Woodpeckers Clamping Square Plus Rack-It Kit. I wanted a nice set of clamping squares. I went with these because of the metal construction and the quality you get with a Woodpeckers product. More affordable options didn't appeal to me whether it be because of their build quality, feature set, or design. The set is expected to arrive in June.
  17. @Jessex you mentioned dust collection. In my opinion if dust collection is something you want then I would go nothing less than a track saw. Even if you think the saw is overkill you will be thankful you had the saw with decent dust collection versus one that might have a dust port but poor dust collection. Also the fact you are cutting MDF is a huge incentive to go track saw since MDF is extremely dusty. Maybe you could find a nice deal on a used cordless track saw? In terms of Erics clamp method, any handheld circular saw should work. You just have to take into account the offset
  18. We don't have the brush cutter in North America.Are you using the Brush Cutter from the commercial line or the residential line? On another note, I would like to see a standalone light. Maybe a single battery option and a 4 battery option. Single battery option could be a Rover style light. Basically something small and compact but still outputting a good amount of light. The light should also have optimal color accuracy Like you get with Festool and Milwaukee. Maybe it would offer something in the 10,000 lumen range. The 4 battery option could have a built in charger like the Nexus but la
  19. Nope there's no special socket for a hog ring. I don't think anyone even makes a 3/8" drive impact wrench with anything but a hog ring.
  20. Hi All, I'm new to the forum, but have referenced it, quite a bit. I'm a Production Designer based in Brooklyn, NY and have spent years working on Builds through some wonderful Set Shops. I also, am "Restoring" an old family raised Cape down at the Jersey Shore built in 1892... prettttty much alone. (end intro) I purchased the Makita plunge saw back in June of 2019, through Amazon. The first day I began to use it, the saw began intermittently losing power while cutting. it was some 5/4 I was splitting for a porch frame, and some 3/4 Birch, so nothing that would put any strain on this
  21. Looking for a outer blade clamp for my dw705 type 1 miter saw. They are discontinued. What are my options?
  22. All of Milwaukee's Light can be registered.
  23. You can do one of two things to make a straight cut. Kreg has a track system that will work on all most any saw. When I need to make a straight cut, I use a level and clamp it to my work. So if I need to cut a piece of plywood, I use my 8' level (If I am cutting a smaller piece, I use a smaller level).
  24. Hi, Just moved studio and the old place had a festool tracksaw I could use when I wanted. I've moved somewhere smaller and to be honest a tracksaw is overkill for what I need (incl. space). I'll be cutting MDF or similar up to 18mm in straight lines let's say roughly up to MAX 2000mm. Would be great to get something battery op with dust extraction, but not essential. I've been looking at small circular saws like the MAKITA HS301DZ 85MM 12V LI-ION CXT CORDLESS CIRCULAR SAW but there's no track so how does it keep straight? Sorry if this is a very stupid question but I'v
  25. Ok that makes me feel better. I didn't want to spend the $60 on the Milwuakee sets and went with Husky instead. I haven't tried the sockets yet but I'm hoping that wobble won't come into play once I start actually using it. I don't need to buy sockets specifically for a hog ring right? The set has the little dimples for the detent pin but I have a hog ring, I assume it should work either way.
  26. Hi, I have the same issue and have been looking for a replacement switch unit without luck. It originally had a lock key set up but that’s long gone as well.
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