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  2. I have to admit I'm surprised there's no words of wisdom here. I've combed the net and am sort of confident this is an impact wrench. I'm hesitant because somehow impact coupled with "wrench" is throwing me.... My husband was a mechanic, but I think past my 20's, I stopped watching him work. Lol I have to say, I've seen some cool tools the last few days. Air hammer, a pneumatic wrench, and three different sizes of normal type mechanic impact wrenches. I figured this forum was one dominated by men who are familiar with tools. :) I haven't gotten one response even confirming whether I'm right or wrong. Wth? Yeah, widows are easily pissed. Lol
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  4. Hi folks, Doing what I should've done 25 years ago... getting my tools organized, updated and got what I need to do pretty much anything I want/need to. Spent my whole working and hobby (addiction? 🙄) life in electronics.. go figure, my dad was a builder, built a lot of houses in NJ where I grew up. So.. (a mind picture) If comfort zones were earth orbits, electronics would be low earth orbit, but woodworking would be Proxima Centauri-way out there! 😂 Couldn't saw a straight line and worse. Now I'm learning and getting better and more confident and that's a good thing! We had our floors done and the guys all had beautifully organized tools and that inspired me to get off my ass and start cleaning out, hiring a dumpster and getting rid of junk. One guy had the Milwaukee packout system so you can guess where that led! So I have a nice Milwaukee inventory, my tools are where I can find them for a change, and it doesn't take 3 hours to find a screwdriver for a 5 minute job. Feels good. I have my dad's hand tools-vintage-and I'm busy with white vinegar baths. 😎 Just got done with his Stanley planes and they're beautiful. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to being here! Rich Packout so far. I built the dolly
  5. These DeWalt quick-clamp style track clamps are my favorite. I'm not familiar with the Kreg Accucut system, but one of the comments on the DeWalt clamps says they work with it. I know that the DeWalt clamps work with most other popular track systems (Makita, Festool, Bosch, etc)
  6. I have these clamps but have no idea what they are for! I believe they came from Harbor Freight...
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  8. @wingless it's an astro Power pneumatic tool. I'm thinking an impact wrench, but I don't want to name it in error and look like a knucklehead
  9. Sorry for your loss. Looks interesting. Also no joy locating info. Feel free to post more images and markings.
  10. Can someone help me identify this tool? I have this impact wrench, I think. Astro Power but not finding anything on net for this model no. It appears to have a socket and not sure if it's on an extension or if it's all one piece. It belonged to my husband, trying to sell some tools that are stored. He's now deceased. Not sure of value. Thanks appreciate any info.
  11. Great question. Not sure but someone should jump on and let you know. That is weird that would happen. I am guessing it's some overload but doesn't seem right that it would be internal like that.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm going thru some tools no longer needed. I'm unsure of some. Is this an impact wrench or something else? This is for diesel trucks I'm pretty sure. ?? Not finding this model anywhere. AP-132G LA Help. Yeah, was my husband's. Thanks for any help.
  13. I have a separate issue with two 5.0Ah 60v. Twice I've had these batteries quit on me when the mower is pushing through taller grass. Both times I've cracked open the case to find the metal piece on the board snapped. I assume this is there for protection (not an engineer, but enjoy taking things apart). Could a fuse not have been used? Is this repairable with a weld or replacement part? Would love to get these batteries back in the mix. Pictures here, good battery on the left. Appreciate the guidance! https://photos.app.goo.gl/oLdxUTsK3V3Jod419
  14. Mine does that also. I always wondered if it was defective or just the drill. I have had it for a while and still works. However not sure if it is suppose to sound like that.
  15. I am playing on my phone through the Illinois Lotto. Don't get tickets every week. Scratch off is my go to also but never have any luck.
  16. Welcome to the TIA Forums, Dan. It's been a bit slow but there's a lot of good content here, and whenever I neglect checking in I find a ton of interesting new posts. Four drills may seem like a lot, but if you're like me, you'll reason that it saves time chucking up different bits. I have every model of DeWalt XR (brushless) drill minus the DCD997 (and anything newer than that), M12 and M18 Fuel models, two M18 brushless compact drills, Ridgid Gen 5X and Octane, and a few more from MetaboHPT, Bosch, and Ryobi. When I retire next year I think I'll dedicate each to a different commonly used drill bit and go from there. Unless the wife sells them first.🤨
  17. fm2176

    Wish Me Luck...

    I'll stick to scratch-off lottery tickets... My luck is pretty much nil, though I will come out ahead on occasion. The biggest problem is that I'm horrible about cashing the winning tickets in. There are probably $50 worth of winners in my vehicle right now. 😒
  18. It is a pity that I did not come across your post earlier. It was always interesting to visit a poker tournament. I like to play poker from time to time, and I think if I looked at how others play, I would find something useful for myself. But besides poker, I play other gambling games like roulette, blackjack, spins, etc. Spins are a game of chance in which I am as relaxed as possible. I usually use https://yummyspins.com/ to play multiple times. And already, when I want a serious game, I play several games of poker. Maybe someday I'll be able to get into a poker tournament too. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.
  19. I just bought a DCK300p1 combo box. I found the hammer drill got terrible stuck noise in the gear box when I release the trigger to stop spin. The noise on gear 2 position is louder than gear 1 position. Due to there is no same model for display in the Store, I just tried similar model DCD796. There is no noise sound when it is stopping spin. And also, I tried the other hammerdrill from different brands. There is no this kind of issue. I was wondering whether this is technical issue or normal operation? Please watch the video below. https://youtu.be/XueHOkvSJmI
  20. Another famous tale involves Australian Billionaire Kerry Packer. In 1999, Packer was in London and dropped into Crockford’s Casino. He started playing blackjack. His luck that day would all bad. In the few hours that Packer played, he managed to lose $28 million. At the time, this was considered to be the biggest single casino gambling loss in the history of the United Kingdom. Interestingly enough, the loss didn’t stop Packer from gambling. He is said to have once one $33 million from the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. There’s another tale of Packer’s panache when it comes to gambling. Once a Texas oilman tried to goad him into a game of poker by saying “I’m worth $60 million.” Packer’s response was “head or tails” offering to flip a coin for the oil man’s net worth.
  21. Hi guys. Long time Makita user. I have a 30+ year old Makita 12V (6011D) drill motor. It has a burned component that I need help finding. I think it is a Diode, and it is mounted across the pins on the reverse switch. here is a picture. Can anyone help identify this, and what I need to find to replace it? I can read a S3V on it, and it has a blue band and silver band. Anyone confirm what this is, and where I might find it please.
  22. ... so any news is this a secret ?? @schal2585: any news on Canada site, or what you posted from HD? thx
  23. Festool best for easy opening / handling + same size as Makita, spo all Makita too;s fit as if in MacCases. Bit expencive but worth the money if you could afford it.
  24. Hi everyone! With my husband's birthday coming up, I'm looking for a way to make his life easier. Most of his tools are Makita tools which are stored in Makpac cases. He's been cursing at these cases quite a lot, mainly because the latches are quite stiff and don't open easily. He has also mentioned that for some reason, the Hitachi cases he has work a whole lot better. Now, one option would be to just get him some more Hitachi cases, but I was wondering if there might be an even better alternative? So, long story short: I'm looking for stackable cases similar to the Makpac ones (and ideally in a similar price range), but with better-working latches. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance! PS. I'm based in the EU.
  25. The third contact is only used to monitor the temperature of the battery ... deep discharge protection is always provided. Here is an overview of the contact plates: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwO8EIggKe0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  26. Thanks for the overview, tooljoe. I have had my eye on a M18 Fuel. Your input made my decision time a lot more distant !
  27. I have a Ryobi RY48111 (RM480EX) riding mower that keeps stopping under small loads. Even with some grass clippings that I tried to run over to get it to mulch, the motor would stop under load. It’s driving me nuts! I thought it was from not sharpening the blades but it still stops under load when the blades are sharpened. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Maybe I’m cutting the grass too low?
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