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  2. I have makita orbital sander BO5041 5-Inch. I would recommend you to buy orbital sanders, because these sanders can make many projects much easier and in my case for works I do I would prefer orbital sanders rather than any other tools. The key part that makes an orbital sander so good at the job it does, is the way in which the sanding pad rotates on the ball-bearing. This is where the “random” nature of this tool comes in handy. It’s super flexible, easy to use, and has a comfortable handle. It has a passive dust collection system which you can use with your vacuum cleaner, so dust clean up
  3. Welcome to the forum. In a case like this vehicle identification may be useful. My speculation is that the coil is not plugged. That is very easy to determine by disconnection of both heater core hoses, then squirting garden hose water into one and observation of good flow out the other. My speculation is the most likely issue is an air bubble that needs to be "burped". Many vehicles have a bleed screw on the thermostat housing, to bleed air. That is a great starting point. The second possibility is that the blend air door isn't routing cabin air
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  5. So I flushed out my heater coil with garden hose full water pressure and everything was working great. I drained and refilled the coolant too. then very little heat, fan blower is good, Actuator door motor is good. I pinched the bypass hose tight with permanent clamp to force coolant through the coil and more heat but not enough. What could possibly be clogging the coil? Is there any additive to dissolve clogs?
  6. It looks like a screw driver.
  7. Usually exclusive or limited rights to sell a branded product in a country are arranged between the sellers/distributors and the manufacturers. An example of this is BMW dealerships - the sellers enter detailed contracts with BMW - the sellers have to comply with a wide range of requirements, even down to having white snow blinds on their showrooms in countries with no snow. They are happy to comply because they are getting rich on the back of the BMW brand. So if you have the intellectual property, patents etc of a product or range of products you can limit distribute through your licens
  8. My experience is that plug cleaning is a feel good emergency measure, but very limited utility. If the plug is bad toss it. IMO, the plug lifetime is based on other factors, such as maintaining the air filter as clean. If I am doing dusty mowing and don't clean the air filter, then my plug suffers. Otherwise, I get years and years from my plug. On my 1985 Snapper 21" walk behind, I find decreased power means the plug needs replacement.
  9. Welcome, glad to have you here.
  10. Great question. I have been using battery for so long, i forgot about spark plugs. In regards to life span, I had a mower that was 10 years old and never replaced it. I never cleaned it or did anything. The mower before I cleaned the spark plug once and reused it. The only reason i reused it was because I was to lazy to go to the local store, I just wanted to cut my grass and be done.
  11. Hi All, I lost the charger for my Ryobi R7SD-L13G cordless drill and I am trying to identify the spec of the power supply. The battery is 7.2V, so the power supply definitely has a higher voltage rating. Here is what I know. PSU Voltage must be greater than 7.2V The DC-in port on the drill is 4mm wide and the DC-in port pin is 1.7mm - so the tip on the power supply would be a 4/1.7mm concentric hollow barrel type tip. Missing Info: PSU output Voltage Amperage Polarity - not sure if it is center negative polarity or center positive pol
  12. What is the lifespan of a lawnmower's spark plug, and why they doesn't have lifespan as like our car's sparkplugs. And what you guys do? Replace the old one, or your clean it and use it again? Are they worth using after cleaning? And how often you clean them?
  13. Welcome to the crew
  14. Brianssss, what kind of car battery charger did you use? Or could you break down all things you used like what small clamps did you use? Thank you very much
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  16. Is the 6 ton press 2678-20 and cutter 2672-21 the same tool with just different jaws?
  17. The Main Differences Between Impact Drivers vs Impact Wrenches are: Impact drivers are used to drill long screws into wood or metal, whereas Impact wrenches are used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. Impact Drivers are easy to use, whereas Impact wrenches are more powerful and heavier.
  18. Hello I am also new here and I am glad to see you!
  19. Hello everyone, I am Mackenzie. I am new here and want to gain some experience.
  20. Try reaching out to DeWALT. Maybe they can assist. That should not happen.
  21. Thanks , do you recommend any specific site for used chargers? I checked e bay and no luck. Funny thing is a friend bought me this drill from the pawn shop with no charger but the drill had enough charge to ensure it worked.
  22. HEY Joe, I am a maintenance tech for an old apartment building and getting rid of odors is kinda my specialty. That musty odor is mildew no doubt about it. I did not say mold so don't get scared. It is in the walls and sub floor, nothing you can do about it , its a part of life. But you can keep the odor of it under control and this is how: 1. Use a live bacterial odor eliminator as directed by manufacturer. Such as "Liquid Alive". 2. Now here's the tricky part: it is not recommended to tare into the walls and disturb what possibly could be "MOLD". BUT I have drilled a hole an
  23. I found a few pics of the bottom of the tank. It's definitely a rupture from what I can see. Crap, no cash for a new compressor either.
  24. Most likely, no. B&D is part of Stanley Black & Decker (SBD), however, so depending on the system you might find an SBD brand's charger that works with minor modifications. For example, the Porter Cable 12v Max and B&D 12v batteries were compatible if a tab was removed. I'd recommend trying to find a used charger.
  25. Black & Decker discontinued the plug in wall charger I need for their 18 V cordless drill and no oem replacement is available. Can I use another manufacturers plug in wall charger.
  26. Thanks. I bought it new from Home Depot, so I doubt it's a repair unless they did it at the factory to correct a production flaw. Maybe someone can post a pic of theirs for comparison. I can't find any online.
  27. At least two XGT X2 tools are ready for market, 20J rotary hammer (HR006G) and demolition hammer (HM002G).
  28. Welcome to the forum. The DeWALT D55168 Type 3 parts listing does not show anything at that location. That appears to be a prior repair that has failed. There are many online topics showing how to repair a compressor tank pinhole. While it may work for some period and while it might not have a catastrophic and disastrous failure, the risk associated with that pressurized tank failing is not something I would want to be in my vicinity. IMO, time to get a different compressor, or at least a different tank.
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