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  2. Rubble is massively heavy. If the weight exceeds the amount permitted, then they charge for the trip w/o taking any waste AND you still have a massively heavy container that needs to be lightened before they will remove, usually requiring lightening by a huge amount.
  3. Thank you for the tips guys. But the municiple dump is not accessible as in terms of distance and the huge weighing debris and wastes makes it difficult to transport at such distance for disposal. Isn't renting a disposal bin much better comparitively or is there an alternative that I should be aware of?
  4. Our 1963 rental house had a long term tenant who revealed after leaving that the drains were always problematic. We scoped the drains and discovered that the cast iron was totally shot, w/ several holes and perforations along the length. Our plan was already a major remodel, so we removed / discarded the tile floor, removed / discarded the tub, bathroom walls and shared kitchen wall. (Rubble is a royal butt pain to discard.) The kitchen cabinets were almost new, but didn't work w/ our new layout, so they were removed and sold. A company was broug
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  6. Thanks. It was a big effort by my daughter and I. We were quite the team. This house took two pallets of tile, so it was a big job for us. Good luck on your project!
  7. Biggie

    M12 JS Jigsaw

    Probably the biggest thing a fuel model would gain would be the brushless motor and the jigsaw is pretty battery hungry so longer runtime would be a plus. Its not terrible with a xc battery but it always could be better. I have the m12 jigsaw and while I don't use it much I would say it could use some sort of dust blower. Before I bought it that seemed to be the biggest complaint in online reviews and I thought well how bad could it be? Well even with just limited homeowner use I thought it was pretty bad and hard to follow a line because of all the saw dust. I would imagine a fuel model
  8. Wow, I forgot about the TigerSaw. That's crazy. Yes, that would seem like a good combo with craftsman cordless. I just think they need to do something, I am lost.
  9. Wow, that is awesome. I am going to be tiling in a couple of months and will put this to good use. Very cool and thanks for sharing. The floor looks awesome.
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  11. I tried with checking the wires by one of my frined who knows his way around the tools but could'nt find any problem. I asked his opinion on the same and he suggested to buy a new one but he is not sure about any recommendations as he hasn'nt updated with the latest ones. I asked around couple of stores and researched for them online and came across a website finally. But I have no experience in buying such power equipments online. Could someone help and advise me on what all to look out for before buying them?
  12. This is the method I find to be effective for hand extraction.
  13. No one wants weeds taking over their yard, and if you have too many to pull by hand, it might be time to bring in a weed killer. These herbicides are extremely handy for lawn maintenance, as they can help control crabgrass, dandelions, ragweed, and other common weeds that may pop up around your home. There are a few things to consider when buying a weed killer — namely, where you plan to use it and what weeds you’re targeting. Certain herbicides will kill any plant, which makes them ideal for walkways or gravel driveways, while other weed killers can be used to target specific weeds in yo
  14. Eric, I agree, PC could (should?) become a corded-only brand that focuses on routers, sanders, and perhaps their better-known trademarks such as the TigerSaw recip. Craftsman could thrive being cordless-only, with a large platform marketed as a DIY/light professional use alternative to DeWalt's pro tools.
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  16. Years ago my daughter and I installed ceramic plank tiling in our rental home. We are working on an additional rental home and I was unable to locate the pattern I used previously, that I wanted to duplicate in this application. The pattern appears random, but in reality repeats after eight courses. I was able to maintain this pattern throughout the house, by adding and subtracting as appropriate. When we reached the central hallway, off this great room, I just used tick marks to maintain the pattern. I also used blue painter's tape to keep track of the course number, 1
  17. Vifa

    M12 JS Jigsaw

    Hi, I'm pretty hooked on the M12 Jigsaw due to it's size, but a bit confused why Milwaukee doesn't make a Fuel version in the M12 lineup? Does it matter whether or not the M12 JS is not a Fuel model? Best Regards Vifa
  18. The main difference I see is the installation drill/driver has brushless motor (Fuel). Other than that I am not seeing a ton of difference either. Everything is cosmetic such as the forward/reverse, grip etc.
  19. Eric - TIA

    Ryobi Days?

    I am guessing it's a great way to get people into the door and that's why they always have it. For me, i am not so excited about it because as you said, it's kind of all the same each time. Even during Christmas, it's just the same kits. I have Ryobi tools that i like but for our HD, the Ryobi days isn't anything special. It has a couple of kits and a free tool or battery. I would get excited it they brought other tools that Home Depot normally doesn't carry and offer a good price, then i could get excited. The Ryobi line is huge, but very limited at HD.
  20. Great thread. For SBD is a mess, just too much going on. I agree with TTI and their set up with Milwaukee, Ridgid and Ryobi. In my head, i have no idea what SBD is trying to do right now with all these brands. For a while they were going to bring back Porter Cable and make that compete with Ryobi. As of today, the brand looks dead. I saw a huge push with Craftsman, then the push was gone. Sure it's in Lowes, but I don't ever hear anything about them. Is Craftsman going the way of Porter Cable? Why would I invest in Craftsman power tools right now? Heck even the same with Black & D
  21. Welcome to the forum and the crew.
  22. Thank you for your service. That is a crazy long history and something to be proud of. You have done more in your career than most people in this country and world have done in a lifetime, which says a lot on it's own. A lot of people like to talk the talk but you have walked the walk and I respect every aspect of that. It's people like you who have made my life easier and can never thank you enough.
  23. Agree, seems like a replacement for PC. I hope they don't stop making the PC routers as I they are great routers. However their power tools were nothing to write home about. I did like the drill size but something very easily replaced by Craftsman.
  24. Maybe your fuses does not suit with Circular Saw
  25. I've been looking at these two but can't work out what the difference is apart from a small weigh difference and a big price difference! (Links at bottom) M12 FUEL™ INSTALLATION DRILL/DRIVER WITH INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS Or M12™ SUB COMPACT DRILL DRIVER WITH REMOVABLE CHUCK Both have removable chucks with same features. I get the installation might be used by a pro or fine fitter (I'm only a half decent DIYer) but are all the features the same? (E.g. there is only 2Nm difference in torque between the two) Struggling to find any direct comparisons. Woul
  26. Watching a hammer drill test video on YouTube just now, I was reminded that TTI does have some brand redundancy of sorts. This is yet another video where Hart and Ryobi are compared (along with other brands), and I note that the two are often similar in test results. In this case, an $80 Hart kit including a 1.5Ah battery is tested against a $158 Ryobi kit with 4.0Ah battery as well as an off-brand, M18 Fuel, FlexVolt Advantage, and Makita drills. While Hart and Ryobi seem to be peers, albeit with the latter offering more premium kits and a lot more tools, I'd say that TTI stil
  27. Am slowly adding to my Milwaukee kit. Here to get feedback about what to get next
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