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  2. Eric - TIA

    saw blade

    ToolBane is right, it really depends what you are cutting. All around general blade, I am a fan of Diablo.
  3. ToolBane

    saw blade

    Depends on what you’re doing. Different blades for different materials, quality of cut you are looking for, and direction relative to grain (of wood)
  4. Juba Work glove 5845 use these are really very effective. some feature are mentioning below. Neoprene coating protects from chemical permeation. Rope hanging. Naturally soft. Rough finish. Efficient protection and firm grip on slippery surfaces.
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  6. 346

    saw blade

    what's the best 6 1/2 cordless Mac deal right now??
  7. New to forum with a Ryobi RTS30 Table Saw given to me without the riving knife. I have scoured the web for the part (089037008703) and all the websites that list the part do so as out of stock/discontinued. I called Ryobi support and was told my best bet would be to search Amazon and eBay. Well, no luck there either. SO, if you have the knife I'm looking for and have tossed it aside like the previous owner of my saw (my Dad) did, but you can find it and are willing to sell it, please contact me. Also, if you have been successful with retrofitting the same saw with a different brand knife
  8. had mine for 15 years & used the heck out of it on 1acre lot; never a single problem! does anyone know if & how I can convert it to a brush cutter?
  9. Sounds like something with the electronics. That is weird. Did you contact Milwaukee?
  10. I would contact Hilti directly. They have so many local shops and are one of the best for customer services and getting you the parts right away.
  11. I bought one screwdriver about 1 month ago, very good to use. not dissapointed
  12. My 1/4” hex impact driver with variable speed option turns off when I don’t use it. to be more clear, I’ll put the battery in and then drill things in but if I set the drill down and don’t use it for about 30 seconds to a minute the drill shuts off and I have to remove the battery and re insert it to start it up again. Any ideas or solutions?
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  14. I’ve broke the pilot bit in my core cutter, I’m looking for a replacement. The bit has a twist lock type fitting anyone know what it’s called or where to find one?
  15. Routers will generally consume more energy than most basic drilling but by how much depends on what you are doing and how you go about it. According to testing conducted by Concord Carpenter (about 15 minutes into the linked video) the Dewalt is actually the most energy efficient of all cordless routers available today. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MFHh3bFoUiA&list=PLJXNPaYdstadlc2Mx-T2U77TmhkcTO3gz&index=37 But what Ah battery you use as well as how sharp and clean your bits are and how hard you force your tool will all play a role in how long your batteries l
  16. dlp68


    I have 3 dewalt DCW210 20 volt brushless sanders that have had the on/off switch go out. Does anyone make a universal switch that works?
  17. Is it just one battery or all batteries? Routers are high demand tools and will rip through batteries but depends upon the bit, type of wood and how much you are cutting.
  18. Check eBay. If not, try to find out the OEM of that manufacturer and reach out to them.
  19. That seems to happen with a lot of hammer drills. Not sure how old it was but one of the product managers at a company once told me that a hammer drill is really designed for light applications but users try to use them all the time and it wears them out quickly. Not sure how old your is but it sounds more like a hammering issue than an electronic issue. Just not sure how to fix it.
  20. No you aren't doing anything wrong. Just a bad chuck. You can replace the chuck if you want to keep the drill. Very easy to replace if you want.
  21. Bosch Prr 250 ES Sanding Roller There's the hard way and there's a much easier way. The Bosch PRR 250 ES way. It might be easier but the finish isn't great. I 've tried to sand off varnish from a mahogany door and surround and whilst it's stripped the varnish pretty well that's only part of the job done. I' m now going to have to sand the whole lot with a plate sander as the finish is so poor. Not as good as I hoped but good at what it's for I guess
  22. Looking for info on Dewalt and Craftsman tools. I just bought a dewalt dw600b trim router and I am using the 20v batteries from the hammer drill kit I have . I just did a flush trim on a door I built and the router lights would flash and the router would shut off. It says to in the manual to check battery charge level as the battery may be weak. Does anyone know if my model router is a battery eater or if I have a problem with the router that needs service. Thanks
  23. I have an assortment of cordless tools by Master Mechanic / True Value. My charger no longer functions and True Value no long manufactures that particular one 565004 for 18 volt batteries 565067. Does anyone know of a company that still makes chargers that will work on these batteries? If not all my Master Mechanic tools are worthless without a way to charge the batteries. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I noticed drills and bits from my makita keep falling out or in. I try to secure the chuck and it has some weird behaviours. Sometimes when I secure bits the chuck it doesn't click. Sometimes it makes few quiet clicks and sometimes it makes one loud click. When I unsecure the bits sometimes there is a small click, sometimes a loud click and sometimes completely nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Please see attached video Makita Fail
  25. hi all, i have a makita HR3000C which I used quite often in the last month. Yesterday, I was using it mainly on hammer only. I noticed at some time that it hammers slower and not as powerful as it should even being on 5. Then I used it on hammer and drill, and it suddenly lost hammer action. It drills, but no hammer. On hammer only, the motor spins no problem, no funny sounds, just no hammering. Strange thing is that when I put the tip of the bit upwards, i can get hammer action. Maybe not as powerful and fast as it should, but it is there. As soon as i hold the tool horizontally or point
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  27. I have recently purchased a M18 1/4 Impact Driver. I have not used an impact driver before. I noticed it makes the "impact" noise constantly, no matter how slow/fast or easy/hard the job is. Is this normal? I thought it would only make that loud noise when the driving gets harder/tougher.
  28. Anybody have any info on sealey retro boxes, are they good quality? How are they compared to a draper equivalent? Any help?
  29. Anyone else having issues with the handle leaking on the wand/handle? Ryobi of course doesn’t want to do anything about it as it’s been longer then 90 days since I purchased the unit. Home Depot of course stated to me if I got the 2 year warranty from them no matter what the issue they will either fix or replace the unit. Well now I am being told the manufacturer warranty needs to end before I can file a claim on the unit for repair or replacement. Manufacturing warranty ends 3 years from the date of purchase! Unit is only just a year old and has been used at my home 2 times since I bought it.
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