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  1. You can do one of two things to make a straight cut. Kreg has a track system that will work on all most any saw. When I need to make a straight cut, I use a level and clamp it to my work. So if I need to cut a piece of plywood, I use my 8' level (If I am cutting a smaller piece, I use a smaller level).
  2. Try clearing cache and going back on.
  3. You would think they would have found that at the plant before it was shipped out.
  4. Awesome, great to have you here.
  5. Nice find. Keter makes awesome stuff.
  6. I like the Bosch 12V tools, I just wish they had more in their line. Actually the same with the 18V. I like their line but wish they would expand.
  7. I did for a while but they failed to change with the times. I miss Sears because that was the store I knew and loved.
  8. For me, Ego all the way. I love the quality and the power. I still have my first mower from 2014 with the same battery and it runs like a champ. Yes, the Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita are great blowers, but I don't think they compare to Ego. Same with the Trimmer. If you compare the tool companies, Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita, then I would go with Makita. They are head and shoulders better than Milwaukee and Dewalt for blower and trimmer. The Makita has a reverse and is powerful. I tend to like the Makita blower better than the Milwaukee or Dewalt. Overall for
  9. Wow, those are steals. I am going to check my Lowes this week.
  10. No, I can't wait to try it out. I am uses a pneumatic and really want the Milwaukee.
  11. Sweet. I never tired the last gen but have heard nothing but great things about it.
  12. Hilti is announcing some new tool releases over the next month but not sure what is in store. I think it's crazy they don't have one. I would think they would have one soon. I do understand about not having two battery platforms because it's a pain and for me, I love Hilti, one of the best. However the Milwaukee oscillating tool is nice and if you jump into Milwaukee, they have a huge line of tools that Hilti doesn't offer. So for those reasons, it's not a bad marriage to have those two platforms.
  13. Would be nice if Ego had it for the mowers and snow blowers. I just think portable or interchangeable power is such a key.
  14. I have heard the same thing. I had one a while back but gave it to my neighbor. He still uses it without any issues. It's spring here in Chicago so he will be taking it out to clean his patio furniture so I can talk with him. Not sure if it's a wide spread issue with them or just the people who have been having problems, speaking up.
  15. I have no idea. I had the same problem with a Milwaukee years ago and never did fix it.
  16. Welcome to the forum and glad to have you here.
  17. I haven't it made it to that stage of my woodworking career either. I wish I had the room because I would love to get one.
  18. Sorry to her about the loss. Maybe someone on here might need it.
  19. Sweet. Curious to think what you think of over time. I am a huge fan of them.
  20. Welcome to the forum
  21. Sorry, not sure. I have a hard time trusting after market batteries. I know some people have luck with them but I never did.
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