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  1. My guess is the pin is still engaged and holding the blade in place since it will move side to side. I believe that has a chuck release on the side where you lift up. If so, take a look to see if it is even engaging the chuck. If not, use a screwdriver and you should be able to push up on the chuck and release the blade. If not let me know.
  2. They look like good tools and if Metabo is behind them, it just makes it that much better.
  3. Never seen them or heard of them in the US. They are not stocked in any of our big box stores. Not sure if the little ma & pa tools shops have them.
  4. Great question. I will look at mine and see what I can find also.
  5. Good to know because I wasn't sure either. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Have no idea but it looks pretty cool. Sorry for the loss.
  7. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Welcome back and welcome to the forum. What were you doing overseas?
  9. Yes, both of those are good bits. I had a cheap bit a while back and it wasn't worth it but maybe I just got a bad bit.
  10. I don't see a phone number. Just the warranty contact page. I will keep looking and see if I can find anything.
  11. That sucks. I can't stand when I invested into something and it lets me down. I am not even sure how much Dewalt believes in their 40V system. Haven't heard much about it.
  12. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Looks nice. That looks like it might be my next purchase. Now I just have to save up for it.
  14. I had no idea Craftsman has a framing nailer. It's one of the brands I forget about. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Sweet deal. That is a huge savings
  16. Awesome, welcome to the forum and crew.
  17. I have never used one or set it up but have always been curious. If you end up getting it, let us know what you think.
  18. Thank you for your service and well said. These times are amazing and will be interesting to see these impacts and how they play out in the future.
  19. Sweet. I want to get a drill press so bad but my garage is full of clutter. I need to get stuff out so I can get my workshop back, lol.
  20. Mine does the same thing. I still have the first gen and when I hear it bog down, I also pull up for a wheelie and it seems fine. I actually bag but my yard is so small. Sometimes the grass gets stuck in the chute when its wet, but usually does pretty good for me.
  21. No, I would take it back while you are still within the 30 days.
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