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  1. Amen, couldn't agree more. It's amazing how things have changed.
  2. After seeing Wingless lawn pictures, I am sold. Wow that is an amazing lawn.
  3. For me, I love Ortho. The Weed B Gon works the best. I have tried other brands but nothing works as good as Ortho. No I am in the Chicago area so not sure if it works as good down south or up north where their might be different weeds etc.
  4. If that is true, that's a shame. I love Bosch and they they have some of the best power tools on the market. However I know Bosch is huge and their tool segment is probably peanuts compared to the rest of their business. Hopefully this is something that is unusual and not something bigger.
  5. I would take it back and either get a refund or a new tool. Sounds like the overload protection didn't kick in and save the tool.
  6. LOL, I hear you on that about bigger print. Sometimes I wondering who is creating this stuff. Good to know about the blower
  7. Yes, I see the picture but have no idea what that is. I am going to show it around because I am curious.
  8. It's a shame if they did because it was such a great tool. I will have to see if I can find mine and try to update it.
  9. Welcome, glad to have you here.
  10. Great question. I have been using battery for so long, i forgot about spark plugs. In regards to life span, I had a mower that was 10 years old and never replaced it. I never cleaned it or did anything. The mower before I cleaned the spark plug once and reused it. The only reason i reused it was because I was to lazy to go to the local store, I just wanted to cut my grass and be done.
  11. I believe the DWS713 is a newer model. Just a quick search, it looks like they are priced the same at HD but that is all i checked. In regards to differences, I only see a couple. it looks like the main components are all the same such as motor and other features. The differences I see are: The DWS has 14 positive stops vs 11 for the DW The DWS comes with a dust bag Other than those, i am not seeing a big difference.
  12. It's hard to say without hearing it. But I do know mine sounds rough, especially when I turn it off and it's slowing down. I haven't had any issues so i am guessing that is normal but again, it's hard to tell without hearing it.
  13. Agree, I don't every use it on my tools and have only met a couple of people who take advantage of it. Fleet management is all i see it for.
  14. I get that with my mower also. Mine isn't a motor or any issue other than the moisture on the grass. When my bag is all most filled or I get a clump of grass, I think the blade hits the wet grass that is built up inside and it just kicks out moisture all at once. It sounds like the identical think you are seeing but that is just what's going on with my mower.
  15. Here is a great article we put out a while back. Jim does a great job explaining everything and going over it in detail. https://toolsinaction.com/brushless-vs-brushed-motors-whats-difference/
  16. Wow nice job and thanks for sharing. I was just talking about replacing my hot water heater with an on demand. I think once my tank goes, i am going to make the switch. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Good to know that they are designed for holding air all the time. Makes my life easier.
  18. My understanding is that is causes more pressures on seals. At least that is what someone told me once. I guess I have the heard mentality, which isn't always good. I just empty it if it's going to be sitting for more than a week. I know when you empty it, it's good to drain the water inside to prevent rust. With all that said, I had a Husky compressor that I would leave pressurized always and I never had a problem.
  19. Welcome to the forum and the crew. Good to have you here.
  20. I think some states are going that way where gas leaf blowers are banned which is weird for landscapers. I think the battery leaf blowers are great but not sure if they are up to par for the landscaper as of now.
  21. Yes, that does suck. My buddy just had his van broken into and they took all his tools.
  22. eBay is the only place or keep checking FB Marketplace.
  23. I am wondering if you have to download the app and unlock it. That is the one downside to all this new technology.
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