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  1. I see you guys went to the home builder show in Vegas. Just wanted to see if you found anything good.
  2. 113 is Emerson Electric Co. , so that's who makes these. In terms of buying the casters, will you be moving the band saw around a lot? If so, it might be a good investment. I put my saw on a rubber mat to dampen any noise or vibrations. Once I put my saw in place it has stayed there for over three 3 years. If you are not going to be moving the saw around, don't waste your money. You can get some other nice tolls instead lol How do you like the saw?
  3. gertk

    Hand Saw

    Does anyone use a hand saw anymore? Just wondering with all the power tools that are out today.
  4. Sorry, but I have been busy the last couple of days. He wasn't sure the complete difference, but the metal is a little more pure and he thinks a little better. His opinion was spend the money and get the better quality because these are tools that you buy once in your life.
  5. Good question. Let me ask my buddy at work on Monday and I will get back to you.
  6. Hey I have been very busy lately and summer is comming up. I was looking to see if anyone has posted anything they have done. Would love to see something. Want some ideas for the summer time.
  7. Personally I like craftsman because everything is guarenteed for life. Most hand tools are, but the problem is you have to spend money on shipping and send them into a repair shop and wait to get something in return. There is basically a Sears in a 20 miles radius of us at all times. I have taken a couple of screw drivers in Sears and it has never been a problem. They just grab one of the shelf and send me on my way. Nice and easy. Thays why I like craftsman because it is very convienent.
  8. I think for now it is still ok to buy these tools becuase the buyout was about a year ago. It takes time to get stuff set up where they can interchange the parts and make it cheap. As b19 said, I would keep my eye open because I am not sure who watches over these guys in China,
  9. Hey b19 just saw you were on here. Anyways its hard to tell what the problem is. I haven't taken a lot of tools apart to give you a real good idea.
  10. gertk

    Milwaukee V28

    My battery charges in about an hour. It does last a long time. Honestly I have used the drill a lot and the trim saw, but haven't giving it a real good beating as of yet. I have dropped it a couple of times and still works great. I have used the drill for mixing and it has done a great job, not as well as a corded drill, but still a good job. Wish I could give you more information, but I guess time will tell.
  11. I know I sent you a PM, but just wanted to post that the table looks great. Nice job.
  12. gertk

    Milwaukee V28

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I bought the V28 and I love it. It is pricey, but worth it. I can't believe the power and I was really suprised about the weight. I know it is said to be light, but wasn't expecting it. I have used it for about three weeks on a job and can't beleive it. The other workers love the tool also. Just wanted to let everyone know becuase we have been sending a lot of private messages back and forth. It has been nice meeting everyone and sending the private messages, but I figured I would put a post up.
  13. gertk


    Great site. I really like how you put it together. It is very educational. As a profession I am a mechanic, but love to do woodworking on the side. I saw you part about Craftsman hand tools. I use Snap-on and Craftsman and for the money the Craftsman are top notch. The snap on cost more, but what a lot of people don't realize is the Craftsman hand tools are made to take more torque on the tool than any other hand tools. Just though I would post this.
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