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  1. Dude, the new HTP 7-1/4 is a frikkin’ awesome looking machine. Hands down a phenomenal saw. I have the 10” 36v and like it a lot but that new Japanese made machine looks like it is right in the Kapex line.
  2. Hey welcome to the forum. Also nothing wrong with Ryobi I have a few green tools too
  3. I haven’t used the Makita but I use the Bosch and Milwaukee 12v jacket power units as a quick charger for my cell and they work great.
  4. Dewalt to Ryobi adapter smoked first time I used it
  5. No worries Jimbo! Glad to see the crew checking in!
  6. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!!!!
  7. Nice bro me congratulations on the truck! I just got a 2012 Tundra with a 119k at rolling in my pimped our Pacifica....don’t get me started....isn’t help the dude card.
  8. This is the new brushless XR jiggy. Of the reviews I have seen, it smokes the new Milwaukee. Equipped with LED too. I will hold my opinion in the Red vs Yellow war but my red tools are growing in numbers but only in the specialty tool area. I have had a lot more luck with yellow over red in build quality and got rid of everything red about five years ago But....to each their own. It’s like Ford vs. Chevy. Everyone knows Toyota is better. Anyways, these tools were a smart purchase with a surprise 4.0 I didn’t even know came in the package for $174. A total steal. Chris is getting some Ryobi stuff too.....hmmmmm....
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families TiA! I hope you all have a great day and don’t kill yourselves at HD and Lowe’s tomorrow!
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