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  1. While the jacket isn't technically a tool I'd appreciate any insight people might have. I bought the jacket and found the standard M12 lithium battery (model #48-11-2401) doesn't have enough power for an acceptable runtime even on the lowest setting. I found that the battery lasted only about 1.5 hrs on low. Since I don't want to load my pockets with extra batteries I tried my M18 standard size battery (model #48-11-1815). On high I get almost 3hrs but with more battery bulk. To me this is an acceptable runtime but if I could get even more time that would be better. So here's my question: would the M12 XC have more runtime than a standard M18? M12 XC = 3 amp hours - 32 watt M18 standard = 1.5 amp hours - 27 watt Not having an electrical engineering background does the M12 XC have more juice/runtime than the M18? I know there are factors like which heat setting (L, M or H). I typically wear it at medium. Does the 12v vs. 18v have any bearing? Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Mike
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