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  1. Little Man and I stopped by the farm store, and they had a Husqvarna 135 chainsaw marked about $30 less than anyplace else I’ve seen, so we picked it up, along with a quart can of 40:1 VP fuel. And a pair of Carhartt pants for the kid.
  2. No experience with it yet, but if the miter slot on my old Craftsman table saw fits it, I’m looking very seriously at the Incra 1000 HD.
  3. One of the guys from GJ had a video showing a 1/4” and 3/8” Proto version. Me want....
  4. Hopefully on one of my trips to South Bend (via Chicago) I’ll get to meet you guys as well.
  5. Has anybody seen a projected release date for anything? (Most interested in the impact wrenches/driver and cutoff tool.)
  6. Oh crap, I didn’t see the 3/8” mid torque impact... I think the M12 cutoff may make it into my garage....
  7. Just watched a video on new M12 impact wrenches.... 1/2” and 3/8” with OVER 250 FT/LBS OF TORQUE! Holy cow!
  8. I never really wanted a battery powered chainsaw, but I want this!
  9. Well, I guess I need to set some money aside...
  10. Mebbe. I've had a Toyota before. But the true crew cab is goofy looking, and I don't think you can get a 6.5" bed with it. I'm pretty much of a Ford guy anymore, so maybe an F150, maybe a Super Duty.
  11. Well, the GF bought me a Husqvarna riding mower, so I guess the tractor is on hold. However, my Expedition blew a head gasket, and I think that may be above my skill level to fix. Local shop wants North of three grand to fix, so it's new used truck time for me. Grrr.
  12. BK13

    M12 gen 2!

    I might get the drill. I doubt I can justify another 12v impact driver. Nah, I can justify anything...
  13. http://toolguyd.com/milwaukee-m12-cordless-rivet-tool/
  14. Let me be the first to whine that I'll be waiting for the brushless model. LOL Actually, it looks pretty cool, but my personal sanding needs will be met by corded stuff.
  15. BK13

    New Sander

    Just looking to make it look pretty to sell the place. Of course, with what I spent on sandpaper and deck stain, a new deck surface might have been a better idea. Particularly if I put any value on my time. LOL
  16. Really? I use wobble extensions all the time. I hate u-joints, though... but to be fair, one of these days I’m gonna order up some KoKen and Nepros universal joints and give them a try....
  17. I use either my mid-torque, M18 3/8” compact, or 3/8” M12 on setting one and run them in until they impact. Then hit them with the torque wrench. You say tow-may-to, I say tow-hah-to... LOL
  18. I’ve seen some sweet router tables built into table saws...
  19. Yeah, I sat in a civvy version and was amazed at how tight it was.
  20. I love flatties, but they don’t work so well for 6’6” 300+ lb. guys....
  21. I won’t buy one but the diesel F150 is pretty interesting.
  22. Truth be told, I never opened either engine up to check for sludge. But they just kept working.
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