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  1. LOL, I had probably 400k miles running Pennzoil in my old Toyota and CJ5 (and current CJ7) with absolutely no oil issues. I did switch to Mobil 1 in my Expedition and the GF’s two Volvos. Most motor oil these days are pretty decent.
  2. I would like to get a Laguna. But a new table saw is pretty far down the list of new tools for me....
  3. Will the Ego last long enough to do 1/4 acre?
  4. While I really like (or used to like) Estwing, a couple of summers ago I discovered my wrists don’t tolerate a metal shaft on hammers I’m going to whack a lot of stuff with.
  5. Oh yeah, I want to learn to weld, too. Lincoln, Miller, or ESAB.
  6. Depending on where you’re going to be using it, corded might be a better option....
  7. Not that I don’t share in the blame, but this thread went sideways fast.
  8. Nice.... I want to pick up a bandsaw or two....
  9. I’m lucky in that I mostly just have to transport tools to and from my shop and house. I slightly prefer hard cases, but they are big and bulky compared to bags. Easier to store more neatly, though.
  10. Probably not. Most likely (in order) 1. Kubota 2. Massey-Ferguson 3. John Deere It’s pretty flat ground and my needs are pretty simple. Mostly mowing my lawn and the grass between trees, yanking out stumps, tilling my garden, and a one time task of redoing/leveling/smoothing my lawn. And Dan’s afraid of saws. I’m not taking advise from THAT guy. LOL
  11. I’m at three now (18v Milwaukee and Makita, 12v Milwaukee), And could see maybe adding 12v Bosch. But I only work out of my own garage.
  12. Milwaukee M18 mid torque impact wrench or M18 Fuel blower.
  13. OP, thank you for your service! Your sacrifice allow us tool dorks the freedom to follow our tool acquisition drives. As far as what tools, ‘plans’ is too strong of word. I need to get a subcompact tractor as I just bought some land with a Christmas tree farm on it, and a pretty good sized lawn... looking at ~25 HP models from Massey Ferguson, John Deere, and Kubota. I think I kinda want a loader and backhoe.... I do want a tiller and mower, I figure I should be able to rent a box blade when I need one. I need to get a couple of chain saws, big and little, if I don’t end up finding the Husquvarna I think the GF’s son stole. I do want the new M12 Fuel drill, the Fuel ratchets. I kinda want an M18 sawzall. M18 Fuel compact 1/2” impact wrench. Surge impact driver. Kinda want to get a mitre saw (maybe Bosch), one or two bandsaws (little Rikon, bigger Laguna) track saw (Makita corded), spindle sander. If I don’t end up getting my grandfather’s old CM table saw tuned up the way I want it, I would like to pick up a Delta or Laguna.
  14. I knew this was coming! (Sorry bad choice of words)
  15. Yes, so I like vicariously through all you degenerates.
  16. If I can fool myself enough to justify 3/4” stuff, it’ll likely be Wright.
  17. I see a couple of 3/4” rats in there... I wish I could justify 3/4” stuff, but seriously the only time I’ve touched any of my 1/2” stuff is when I torque lug nuts, thanks to Mr. Milwaukee battery impacts.
  18. No need to apologize. It’s cool as heck.
  19. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the right angle impact and the underhood light, when you get them.... LOL, my phone tried to do the exact same autocorrect fail yours did...
  20. I just bought the M18 brushless impact (HD BF special) to go with my M12 Fuel impact, but I still want to get a Surge... WTF is wrong with me?
  21. korno, I just love the way you spell ‘October’... just reading it makes me feel more worldly... LOL Carry on....
  22. BK13

    Bright Lights

    When I moved to Sandy, Oregon, I noticed there were a bunch of douchenozzles running LED conversion bulbs in conventional halogen housings, with majorly annoying results, I could tell that light coverage for them was very splotchy and uneven, and undoubtedly they would glare the crap out of me, and I drive a full size truck. Don't even get me started on the (non-DOT approved) LED light bars. Buy, hey, they're bright and cool!
  23. Oh, man, I have a couple of hundred dollar bills hidden in my wallet, too...
  24. I already have 3/8" Fuel Compact in M12 and M18 variety. But when I pull the front shackle hangers off I kinda doubt the M18 will do the job. I've not had any problems with lug nuts with either, but then I'm pretty neurotic about keeping brake dust off of my wheels, to the point of yanking them off the rig. So therefor, the lug threads are clean and usually put some anti-seize or grease on 'em. Granted, all my rigs are 1/2 tons. A 1 ton dually might be a bit more of a challenge.
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