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  1. I have a ton more M12 tools, but I actually USE M18 stuff more, mainly the 3/8" impact wench. 18v Makita is a distant third.
  2. LOL, I'm trying to stick to PB Swiss, Felo, Were, Wiha from here on out.
  3. My kid loves green. I see a Christmas present in his future...
  4. No concrete on mine. Well, except for the concrete I drop them on. I totally understand the all weather conditions. Working in conditions where Rite-in-the-rain notebooks cry uncle can put the hurt on tapes.
  5. I've use a couple of Komelons and they were pretty decent. There's just always a pile of 12 and 25' Lufkins around the office.
  6. Man, if I wasn't so broke I'd have a ton of Hazet tools and a couple of sets of Gedore ratcheting wrenches...
  7. Hey Nicholas, can you get an overall shot, including he ends of the rail? One or two of my sets are rails that are too short to hang on pegs straight down, so they hang a little cock-eyed. Need to order some rails and clips....
  8. Dude, might want to lay off the firewater before you whip out the camera... LOL
  9. Just giving you a hard time, man. No pressure.... <<<standing here, arms crossed, tapping my toe impatiently>>> LOL
  10. Since the kid isn't doing anything to feed our chrome addiction, my new stuff. SAE, 1/4" semi-deeps and 3/8" deep. Sorry about the orientation, photobucket is being... difficult. [
  11. Deleted ‘cuz I’m a dumbass.
  12. Did ya get 'em yet?
  13. <<<Grunting like Tim Allen>>>
  14. That's why I suggested watching CPO. I got my Fein for like 60% off.
  15. Are those DeWalt? They look more like Fein to me.... I have four grinders... a 5" Fein, a 4.5" Bosch 1380 Slim, a 4.5 DeWalt, and a 4" Makita. Obviously, I like the Fein the best, by miles. The Krauts know how to make fantastic grinders. The Bosch is apparently an outlier, as it's supposed to be cheap and light, and it does feel cheap and unrefined. Surprisingly, because I don't really like DeWalt, I really like the grinder. The Makita is also a fine tool. I don't like paddle switches, and I dunno if I've ever used a grinder with a trigger. I'll likely stick with sliding switches. I don't know if being in The Great White North will be a problem, but CPO Fein/CPO Metabo frequently have screaming deals on both Metabo and Fein grinders. I'd watch them closely...
  16. Definately do the semi-deeps. I have the NAPA 3/8" sets and I'm 97% sure I'll get the 1/4" this quarter. I see they also have the 1/2" roto on special....
  17. Probably working his ass off to pay for that hammer!
  18. Yeah, I think I'll be filling out the socket selection over the next three months....
  19. Stercorarius: did you see the third quarter NAPA Real Deals flier? They have some screaming deals on the Carlyle sockets....
  20. I bought that socket set a while ago, then promptly forgot i had it. LOL
  21. Dang, I wish I had some money burning a hole in my pocket....
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