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  1. Chris I was going to buy one just like that the other day, except mine held pliers and two drivers. I think those would be ideal for me 50% of the time. I carry my pouch almost like a bag, boss gives me work and I just shove what I need in the pouch and off I go to fix it other times I just need somthing small to check out or labor type jobs I would just wear that for a just in case type deal. I might just have to buy it. You should buy it lol
  2. Mikey I've been eyeing up some veto for awhile! I want the xxl bag!!!! And that's perfect for a meter or two, really jealous. And occidental is very addicting... First the bag then the belt then you want the suspenders then then then 500$ lol.... But it's really worth it and I love how well it works for me.
  3. Sweet! Don't pass! Hahaha no I'm joking, good luck man, you got this.
  4. The new leather smell! Great buy man! What are you doing with your sparky belt? I'd buy it.
  5. Nice belts para, some good looking belts. Let up know how you like your new belt.
  6. Btw I fkn hate red wing, I think the standards for them went downhill and fast.
  7. Dude thorogood,Irish setters, or carolinas. I like thorogood, good support, so freaking light compared to others, and USA made. And socks.... Hmmm I just get the Carhart one black and grey and they are nice and think.
  8. They are but the tips bend and sometimes I don't catch it so my pipe is off a tad! not a big deal but it gets annoying from time to time.
  9. Ner that's bad ass, I had no idea they made somthing like that. Very nice man. Can't beat the brand.
  10. This is true swag, just so clean and tough looking. Very nice. I went to harbor fright today and almost puked. Cheap Chinese crap.
  11. Nooooo the Klein tape measure sucks!!! Fat max 16 or Milwaukee 16
  12. Nice bags 2! Rub some dirt on them before your first job haha mines so clean I hate it.
  13. Para thanks man, nalu good luck man! I remember when my letter came in! I was 75 out of 1000 somthing people, I was stoked! I'm working right now throwing up can lights in the celing for a hospital cafeteria time and a half good luck man you will get it!
  14. My belt came in today and I forgot to show the tape holder. Looks great feels great very happy.
  15. I'm looking for a leather pouch for my fluke!
  16. Curious to see others bags, pouches, anything really! Kinda looking for ideas for me and I'm just now really getting into leather, you can't beat it.
  17. Very nice pouch and holster, not to mention the hammer! I have the same one man just flat out worth it. Somthing about a quality tool gets me everytime.
  18. Screw drivers wera insulated kit Hammer dewalt 16oz Tick tester the Milwaukee or Klein with the flashlight Nut drivers wera or Klein Hex keys eklind or bondus multi meter fluke clamp true rms Pliers klien or knipex I have the knipex linesmans, needle nose, and side cutters, they are sweet! For tounge and groove I'd go with channel locks. Nice for reaming pipe and tough as nails. Pouch occidental is hands down the best I don't care what you think or say.... Lmao just buy it. For a bag of say veto if money was on trees but you might find like me the klien backpack or Milwaukee backpack works very well for me. Levels stabilas are nice, I use the Greenlee with the anti dog works nice and is small For a light I'd get the mini stream light it's 18 bucks and more then enough light for 99% of applications Jab saw Klein And that's a good start By the way, buy a good pair of knee pads!
  19. This is my pouch, I ordered the belt that goes with it, should be here today. If you want me to take the tools out to see just ask and if do it.
  20. Recently I bought the electrican pouch and couldn't be more stoked, great leather, very nice craftsmenship, and just overall very pleased. Anybody else share my experience whit any occidental products?!?!?! Also I bought the belt loop for my tape and that's awesome aswell but it's not wide enough to hold some tapes
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