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  1. The sucking power is a concern. I had a vac with over 90CFM. So staying in the same close range would be beneficial. The pack outs are 45 I believe.
  2. I kinda looked at that. But since I keep my tools in a covered truck box or rear seat crew area. It was too bulky to not get damaged. I also looked at the 18Vx2 makita 2 gallon wheeled HEPA vacs,.Just gets me nervous on sucking and run time. I have 5.0 batteries PLUS cold weather here really slows down battery performance if I forget to take the batteries in. I even looked at Festool. BUT the permanent filter bag cost at over 250 bucks . Is not happening. I buy bags in bulk at a cost of 5 bucks each, used one every 2 or 3 weeks and even reuse them,LOL
  3. I’m in the market for a new jobsite vac. My Ridgid 4 gallon 4500RV died and warranty has been a nightmare. I need capacity to a certain extent. I do drywall repair, woodworking on site. I’m on the Milwaukee M18 M12 and Makita 18 platforms. If its cordless. I do have the canister M18 hand vac but its too small for cleanups. I like to hold my vac hose in my hand as I do sanding or attach it to my tools if possible. So I use a 10 ft hose at times 1 1/4, . I have a big ass 10 gallon Ridgid, But only lug it around when I use my Drywall sander. Track saw, oscillating tool, Makita drywall cutter come to mind when I like to use it. I’ve even use it to capture concrete dust and have it laying beside me as I move along. HEPA is a must. My run times are 10 to 30 mins. Most times.
  4. I love the tapes. The features are awesome BUT I'd them to stiffen up the blades, I just don't get the 8 ft stand out. Seems I'm always at longer lengths with a limp blade hitting the floor. One reason I love the FatMax line of tapes, Use nothing more than 25ft. on a daily basis. I use the FASTCAPS for smaller work and dam that pencil sharpener was genius
  5. They call it a saw locator. I looked on the drawings of the parts list.
  6. Here is what I did with my stand. Now my table saw stand. Light, portable and very sturdy. Cut the legs off 12". I already have the 6 ft. model for my Miter Saw, but have used this for small jobs requiring a few cuts. A little low for the miter saw but off the floor and my knees. Works sweet for me.
  7. That might keep the set together as a lock. Aids in aligning them before turning the thumbs latches on the side, if your transporting. Hmm. You have me thinking now
  8. That bracket locks the miter saw in place. You just slide it down the rail to the location you want it.
  9. I was wondering if you used those angled holes in some way.
  10. How did you secure the plywood to the bottom of the saw. Awesome idea
  11. I wonder if I could rig up a way to attach my Dewalt 7480 table saw to these stands.
  12. I was hoping a Dewalt repair person might read this and shed some light if I can replace parts on the type 20 to fit the light. Looks like about 30 bucks in parts.
  13. DW716 Types 1 -4, it says on the dewalt site. and I do not have the removable part to attach the LED light, Type 20 is the new model and they have deleted this. From Dewalt rep The DW716 Mitre Saw that you bought recently is a new model that no longer accepts the laser attachment. This change happened over the last eight months or so
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