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  1. Just bought one with the De7023 leg stand as I've just started house bashing on price work.. I'm just wondering how most go about storing there mitre saws when not in use on or off the job site..we have small site safes provided by the company I work for but the saw only fits in on an angle and then it's a case of fitting other tools around it,which is a pain in the arse..This is generally what happens with the works mitre saw and there all broken or don't cut square..I've thought about using a Chain to secure it but then it's on display all the time and it's more likely to get stolen.. Any ideas? They should make a plastic box like the do every other tool.least that way it won't get damaged in the site safe
  2. That's quality.I would consider doing something like that for our Alaskan malamute but she gets over protective of things that she lays on..that and she's huge and space is a factor.
  3. Be interesting to see how long it takes to charge..
  4. The latest paslode is meant to fix the cold gas issue out
  5. I currently have a paslode but next time Ild go bostich as it's slightly cheaper an ice heard good things.. A lad I worked with had the dewalt nailer your talking about..he ended up hitting a drywall scre whilst fixing skirting..its sat at the back of our office now as it can't be fixed apparently..I can't seem why??
  6. Has to be the best job in the world..Wheres the shot gun,between the front seats?
  7. Go on which one is you haha
  8. Dewalt lump hammer in the last one?
  9. Aw what,I'm going to need pics with and without the lights now!
  10. Couldn't think of a worse job to do! I'm sure it'l look spot on when it's done tho! Don't forget to add project pics
  11. Ild go for the last 2 in the pics..looks really nice and it won't be to hard to do the cuts..
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