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  1. Cheers for that. Sorry to ask more but - Just had a look on B & Qs site and the only Hitachi 18V is "Hitachi 18V Li-Ion Combi + Drill Driver Twin Pack - DV18DCL2/DS18DCL" for £249.99 which is more than I wanted to pay. Cant see any offers for Hitachi. But, I saw a "DeWALT 18v Combi Drill & 2 batteries Model No.:DC100KA-GB" - do you have any views on their reliability? thanks again
  2. Thanks Conductor and Wayne. It does make the ratcheting noise. I bought it from B & Q for around the £100 mark. If I take it back should I get the same make/model? Or can you recommend a better drill/driver up to £150? It will be used quite a lot in the coming months, as I have a lot of woodwork to do, fencing, animal housing etc, so I need it to be reliable. Thanks again Cara
  3. I bought the above Bosch Drill because it was cordless and easy to use anywhere, it is the first cordless I have owned. The problem I am having is that every time I put a drill bit in and start using it the chuck keeps loosening off and I have to repeatedly retighten it to finish the job. I have read all through the instructions and can't see anything extra I should be doing to lock the keyless chuck. Has anyone else had similar problems with this drill? Or any suggestions of what I might be missing? I don't want to take it back if it is just something I am doing wrong! Thanks for any
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