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  1. Dewalt Dws780 miter saw 1. Yes 2. No 3. Plenty of power. Maybe hard for first time miter saw user to figure out. 4. Worth the money.
  2. Like on a drill, is it measured by torque (in. Lbs.) and/or speed (RPMs)?
  3. Is this the most powerful (torque, not speed) drill Dewalt has? Because i notice less powerful but faster RPM drills have a higher UWO rating then this one.
  4. Got the kit today. Well its not quite 100% what i expected. But it will do the job. I am not dissapointed tho. The bucket has thick paper wrapped around the outside with the writing/graphics on it, take it off and the bucket has no markings on it, just plain. I figured the bucket had the ink directly on it. The extension cord is 25' 16/3, not heavy enough for a miter saw, but will work for 10 amps. The drill is the DW130V, no other special markings or model # on it. 2-piece mixer attachment is of average quality. Also includes the instructions, 2 handles, chuck key & holder. All in the bucket. The bucket came in a box. Its a decent kit, worth the extra $$ over the price of just a bare drill.
  5. Good to know. I wish i could get a few more buckets without buying the entire kit. Do u know what gauge (AWG) the extension cord is?? Just wondering if i could use it for a 15-amp miter saw too.
  6. I ordered this kit yesterday. I been wanting this drill for quite sometime. I got a bunch of Dewalt 18v stuff (highly invested in that way before the 20v Max came out). Didnt want to burn up my cordless drills on large holesaws, spade bits or mixing. I dont have any corded drills. I got a couple of air drills too. But nothing with real power. Looks like it will be a very cool kit. I will let u know how it turns out.
  7. http://www.tools-plus.com/dewalt-dw130vbkt.html
  8. Is this a new, old, discontinued or limited edition 'kit' or what? Includes heavy duty drill, 25' extension cord, 5 gallon bucket & 2-piece mixing attachment.
  9. http://www.ereplacementparts.com/
  10. Well, I sent Dewalt Customer Care an email & this is my response: "The DCV518H is a new product that launched August of 2013. So far there are no issues with the power."
  11. I press the 12v MAX battery on it until it snaps/locks on, never had an issue. My iPhone 4S seems to charge at the same rate if its off a Dewalt battery or plugged into computer/wall. The only issue i have with it is the battery monitor and having to remove/replace the battery like you said. The place to buy that i mentioned before seems to be at full retail, since then i have seen it elsewhere cheaper.
  12. Does the DCV581H corded/cordless version (the DCV580 is just the cordless version) have the same issue as the older DC500 corded/cordless vac, in that when plugged in to AC it runs slower/weaker vs when ran by the DC battery? I know, it should be the opposite, kinda weird. And why does the DC500 do this or is mine defective? How about the suction of the 2 newer models vs the DC500? Better, same? I would guess the DCV581H does not charge batteries? Is the DC500 discontinued?
  13. How does it hold a 18v battery in without falling off? I can see how it holds a 12/20v Max in, slides from top to bottom, gravity holds it locked in. But like on my DC012, if i dont close the back door, it just falls out.
  14. My little review: Got mine. So far, i only used it one time. With a fully charged 12v Max battery, charged my iPhone 4s from 80% to 100%, Dewalt battery still showed a full charge afterwards. The charge time was equal to that of charging it from a computer, car or A/C wall socket adaptor. Only minor issue i see so far, is that after using it for a while u would have to slide battery off & then slide it back on for the battery charge lights to show u the battery status. Because the 3 battery status lights only light up for the first few seconds the battery pack is installed, then it goes out to save juice. It was worth the $$.
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