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  1. hi tell us about the event ! just the battery presentation ? did you talk to some product managers ? how many people there any other tolls releases talked about ? like info on the new 21gage pin nailer or the new cordless ratchets or nwe dcf900 impact ? what did they say about release of a 5ah we know this new small one is scheduled for 1. dez.21 so, any pricing information ? please share some info ! thx mike
  2. so there is still NO news ? more rumors ? anyone please share some info thx
  3. any update ? so is there an "unofficial release date " ?
  4. Hi there was a Dewalt press release just a few days ago they mention a dewalt DCS438 I searched for a picture, but was not successful !! any pics out there ? thx
  5. ... so any news is this a secret ?? @schal2585: any news on Canada site, or what you posted from HD? thx
  6. all it is is a hex screwdriver the pin might be confusing, it is just part of the packaging
  7. so , is there more news ? availability ini USA price ? ect... cheers !
  8. thx ! that is the only way to find the product For all readers: Dewalt 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 23GA Pin Nailer Kit with 5ah Battery Model # DCN623D1|Store SKU # 1001650162 Error in description: the D1 is a 2,0Ah battery in their title the say " 5ah" Battery (which would be a P1)
  9. I searched HD CA post / picture / Listing was removed or I didn´t find @schalk2585 can You post the specific link ?
  10. GOOD News ! a Surprise, not really on any roadmap we have all been waiting for a long time that PIC is on HD Canada website nothing found on Google, or HD USA site yet price ? exact model number ?
  11. Hi any news what products Dewalt showed ?
  12. nice pic; I love powerfile! I have had the B&D Version for more than 10 years ! ==> anyway, this thread has been forgotten ! look at the "wish list from 2019" and look what we actually got 1,5 years later very sad !!!! nevertheless, there will be a 20v compressor soon ! cheers
  13. @ schalk2585 what kind of options, even rumors ! what kind of cordless tools, even rumors, a bit more specific please thx
  14. Model number ? just this one, or more options ? thx
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