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  1. @ administrator of forum: by the way, just of interest how many user are from USA ? how many user are from Europe (EU) in this DEWALT Forum ? thx
  2. Hi guys ! register your tools ! (in contradiction to "Framer" statement) 2) I mainly speak for EUROPE (EU) When You register your tool the warranty then extends to 3YEARS ! batteries excluded cheers !
  3. Easy question / easy answer 500 Lumen 1000 Lumen max. 2000 Lumen cheers !
  4. Hi not in Europe; boxes are "wll alive" most of the cordless tools (of course that fit in size) are delivered in a TSTAK-II toolbox also the dt70716 carrier is well expanded now with bit sets that fit insinde; also thoughcase(TM) mini is one of "five new boxes / sets one example:
  5. Infos: much info available; you just have to know were to LOOK ! here is just one example cheers
  6. thx for info but the dewalt latches with the metal pins solve the issue 100% the latches with pins are available in yello and black even from craftsmann boxes 100% compatible cheers
  7. found on web site DXAE20VBB 20V MAX* Cordless Professional Battery Booster 20V MAX* Cordless Professional Battery Booster jumpstarts 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and certain V8-powered vehicles It runs off our 20V MAX* battery platform, so it’s compatible with all DEWALT® 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT® batteries integrated work light for illumination at the worksite Dual 5V DC, 3.1A Max USB ports to recharge personal electronics on the go I saw an unofficial price of $129 somewhere did not see a release date cheers
  8. For your reading pleasure ! HAPPY EASTER ! may the rabbits be with you
  9. well, it is part of the TSTAK System; a big asset for many yes, a bit pricy (there are more TSTAK options coming / (tool boxes) 2) there is also the same look / style in the Dewalt Toughsystem, as an option
  10. that is NOT a flexvolt saw; wrong info for this thread !
  11. flexvolt dcs727 (Europe Model number; should be same in USA) single port battery has been available for some time in Europe ! cheers
  12. Pole Saw and Pole Hedge trimmer new 20V max DeWALT Combo Kit DCKO86M1 just found on the web consists of: DCPS620 Pole saw reaches up to 15 ft.*** and delivers up to 96 cuts per charge** DCPH820 Pole hedge trimmer head reaches up to 12 ft. and features a 22 in. steel laser cut dual action blade
  13. Just get the latches with the metal pins they are now standard with all Toughsystem boxes they are fully compatible 2) on the broken latches/ just call Dewalt service; they should even replace the broken ones, with toughsystem latches some productmanagers also says the old version was a "design flaw"
  14. Hi I saw a new tool was announced DCH614B 60V MAX* 1-3/4in SDS MAX Brushless Combination Rotary Hammer (Tool Only) ==> has anyone beed to the Las Vegas tradeshow ? any more NEW tools shown there ? pictures ? cheers
  15. the dcs570 has a flat plateö so not compatible with a rail zou could build a simple one from wood youtube has many examples dcs576 flexvolt dcs572 new 20v and track saw are compatible with the dewalt rail
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