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  1. all it is is a hex screwdriver the pin might be confusing, it is just part of the packaging
  2. so , is there more news ? availability ini USA price ? ect... cheers !
  3. thx ! that is the only way to find the product For all readers: Dewalt 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 23GA Pin Nailer Kit with 5ah Battery Model # DCN623D1|Store SKU # 1001650162 Error in description: the D1 is a 2,0Ah battery in their title the say " 5ah" Battery (which would be a P1)
  4. I searched HD CA post / picture / Listing was removed or I didn´t find @schalk2585 can You post the specific link ?
  5. GOOD News ! a Surprise, not really on any roadmap we have all been waiting for a long time that PIC is on HD Canada website nothing found on Google, or HD USA site yet price ? exact model number ?
  6. Hi any news what products Dewalt showed ?
  7. nice pic; I love powerfile! I have had the B&D Version for more than 10 years ! ==> anyway, this thread has been forgotten ! look at the "wish list from 2019" and look what we actually got 1,5 years later very sad !!!! nevertheless, there will be a 20v compressor soon ! cheers
  8. @ schalk2585 what kind of options, even rumors ! what kind of cordless tools, even rumors, a bit more specific please thx
  9. Model number ? just this one, or more options ? thx
  10. Hi something NEW ....... browsing the web as always; found on a very popular web site DCPW550B Cordless Power Cleaner Washer (B = bare tool) ((also comes in a kit option)) Cold Water Pressure Washer brings portable cleaning with quick and easy set up 550 max PSI* and 1.0 GPM** Soap bottle with nozzle included to apply detergent for cleaning 20' suction hose 4 quick connect nozzles - turbo, 15 Degrees, 25 Degrees, and 40 Degrees 10X the power of a garden hose Draw water from any fresh water source garden hose connect with the quick connect adaptor apply detergent with the included soap bottle 2 speed switch (Hi and Lo Power Switch) allows you to choose between Power and Runtime Multiple nozzles with quick connect and on board storage to easily switch between applications Operates on ALL DEWALT 20V MAX and 60V MAX FLEXVOLT batteries web site shows approx. availability // Jan. 15th 2021
  11. @ administrator of forum: by the way, just of interest how many user are from USA ? how many user are from Europe (EU) in this DEWALT Forum ? thx
  12. Hi guys ! register your tools ! (in contradiction to "Framer" statement) 2) I mainly speak for EUROPE (EU) When You register your tool the warranty then extends to 3YEARS ! batteries excluded cheers !
  13. Easy question / easy answer 500 Lumen 1000 Lumen max. 2000 Lumen cheers !
  14. Hi not in Europe; boxes are "wll alive" most of the cordless tools (of course that fit in size) are delivered in a TSTAK-II toolbox also the dt70716 carrier is well expanded now with bit sets that fit insinde; also thoughcase(TM) mini is one of "five new boxes / sets one example:
  15. Infos: much info available; you just have to know were to LOOK ! here is just one example cheers
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