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  1. USMC Mustang: Great reply and I have a couple of questions if I may. Item #2: The reduced run time seems to be the most common complaint for the ZT480s. Have you done the Ryobi recommended battery test of load testing each battery individually? I was experiencing increased Battery Level Meter bars out on my RM480 in the first year of use. Ryobi had me individually charge each battery and then load test them (took them to a local battery shop for the test). One didn't past muster and was replaced. Mower ran (and still runs) better than new. Item#3: I'm extremely interested in
  2. The instrumentation on the Ryobi’s is known to be variably inaccurate. The ZT480s have been described by many as not reporting the charge % accurately. Some users have even had the meters replaced under warranty with no improvement. Based on my experience and from working with Ryobi support, the first thing I would do is fully charge the battery pack to when the charging lights on the charger and the mower glow steady green. Then measure the pack voltage at the bottom two contacts of the charging port. Voltage should be 51 - 52 volts. Then turn the key on and turn on the headlights. Now m
  3. I’ve been investigating replacement batteries for the RM480 & ZT480 mowers and have found some group 24 (75 Ahr.) and group 31 (100 Ahr.) SLA/AGM, deep cycle, 12 volt batteries. While these other batteries fit and might work in the Ryobi mowers, one rather large difference stands out. The Leoch LPC12-xxx batteries have a much longer lifespan. That is, installed in the Ryobi system, they will handle many more charge cycles than the the other brands. The LPC12-xxx batteries should give 1,500 to 1,700 charges. The Duracell Premium AGM batteries are rated at 850 charge cycles at the maxim
  4. Another picture of the new folding tailgate.
  5. Well, my RM480e just passed two years of ownership and the machine still runs like new. The electric experience has been wonderful. The mower costs less than $0.21 per hour to run. A seven month winter storage costs $0.91 for the entire period. Electric cost for the first two years has been $15.44 total. 87E10 has averaged $2.20 per gallon here. I have mowed for 59 hours in the two years and my neighbors 42” Toro Timecutter burns a gallon of gas per hour. You can do the math to see the cost savings the electric mower gives, not to mention there are no fluids, filters, or belts to mainta
  6. The instrumentation on the ZT480s (and the RM480s) has been reported by many to be inaccurate and misleading. The Battery Level Meter on my mower is erratic in its reporting and the hour meter is off by 6%. The hour meter even reset itself to zero last summer. I do some extra steps to monitor the battery performance so I know how healthy the pack is. 1. I measure the pack voltage before and after mowing. I use a volt meter to read the voltage at the charging port. 2. I bought a $30 recording watt meter to measure how much it takes to recharge the pack each time the charger does a c
  7. Hopefully you took pictures of the original wiring before you dismantled things. Don’t know if this helps.
  8. Paul: Sorry I haven’t replied earlier. I’m a bit wrapped up in supporting the HD Q&A web pages for the Ryobi riding mowers. Both the ZT480s & RM480s have questionable instrumentation. There are a multitude of questions on the HD web pages for the different models of the ZT about the instrumentation. My RM and my neighbor’s RM both have issues with the Battery Level Meter and the hour meter. The BLM is rather erratic and the hour meter is off by 6% on my mower. The ZTs have numerous instances of mis-reporting the charge percentage. People have eve had the meter replaced under warra
  9. Last month, Ryobi brought another battery electric riding mower. This one is a 30” 50 Ahr. model. $2,399.00 and on sale today for $1,999.00. Pretty much the same features as the bigger ones, except no cruise control, USB charging port, and phone slot.
  10. HD has them back in stock now with free shipping to your home.
  11. MarkTer: To properly test the batteries: 1. Pull them out of the mower. 2. Disconnect all wiring between the batteries and the mower. 3. Individually charge each battery with a separate automotive style charger, preferably one with a deep cycle setting. 4. Load test each battery. I took mine to a local battery shop for this. 5. Once the failing battery is identified, replace it. HD has them back in stock now with free shipping to your home. Sorry for the slow response, I sometimes forget to visit here.
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but the snow plow is back in stock at HD for $329 and free shipping. The manufacturer made a change to the plow lift handle to make it easier to raise/lower the blade without having to get up off of the seat and stopping the unit. Don't know about moving dirt, but it should work with loose dirt. I wouldn't use it like a bull dozer to break compacted ground.
  13. Rob L.: KayakerBob still has his and has it mounted for the second winter of plowing. He's working on making it easier to swing the angle of the blade from the seat. HD had an issue with listing the plow, but that has been fixed and it is available now
  14. You have to depress the brake pedal ALL the way down and while holding it down, pull up on the red handle on the side of the steering column. You should hear a click of engagement. In this doesn’t work, the brakes can be adjusted per the instructions in the maintenance section of the operation manual. Hope this helps. I just passed 50 mows and also love it.
  15. Just an update after one year of use. I mow 8,000 sq. ft. of lawn and occasionally a 16,000 sq. ft. lawn with my RM480e mower. Electricity cost to recharge the batteries is less than $0.10. I have mowed 40 times so far and the blades are still sharp. I did have one battery fail due to a failed cell that caused that battery to be unable to handle any load. Ryobi replaced the battery under warranty in two days. The batteries slide out on a tray. Maintenance on this machine is minimal and consists of lubricating the steering mechanism occasionally. The powder coated frame and deck are eas
  16. Does anyone have any experience with the P750 pump. I’m thinking of using it to create a lawn sprayer to use on my RM480 electric riding lawn mower. The issue is that it pumps way too much volume and I would suspect that just using a valve to throttle the flow will cause damage to the unit. I’m thinking that splitting the output between the spray bar and a return to the tank will allow me to balance the output without stressing the motor. Just looking for feedback from anyone who has used the P750.
  17. Hi boys and girls. Ryobi just added a third and fourth all electric riding lawn mowers. This one is a 42" zero turn model. 75 Ahr. SLA/AGM batteries, but there is also a 100 Ahr model. Same as the 75 Ahr unit, but with bigger batteries like the other two riders. Large dollars, but the direction is there. This one is based on the same electronics as the prior two electric mowers, so it should be good performer. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-42-in-75-Ah-Battery-Electric-Zero-Turn-Riding-Mower-RY48ZTR75/308040422
  18. kayakerbob plowed my drive and all of the sidewalks on the street today with his RM480ex and the new front mounted plow from HD. Did a pretty good job and you didn’t hear him at all. Good way to condition those new batteries,
  19. Here's the most comprehensive article I've found on battery care for electric riding mowers. Wish the manufacturer had put something like this in the owner's manual. https://mycountryacre.com/5-ultimate-electric-riding-mower-battery-care-tips
  20. Just wash them with bleach to get all of the pond scum off. Sorry, couldn’t resist. To finish SLA/AGM batteries, don’t discharge them more than 30% for the first 10 - 20 uses. As they become conditioned, you will see fewer battery level bars turn off for a give time of usage until the usage stabilizes. When I first started using my RM 480, 2 bars would turn off after about an hour of mowing. Two bars is less than 30% of the total charge (each bar is 10%). After a few mowings, only one bar would turn off. Later, no bars would go out after mowing for nearly an hour. It stabilized at that
  21. The neighbor two doors down took delivery of his RM480ex (100 Ahr model) today. He also bought the newly announced 42" front mounted snow blade for it, but that won't be delivered for a few days yet.
  22. Sorry, but I just discovered that I mis-spoke about the Husqi mower. It,s a 36 volt 125 Ah pack and has a run time of 90 minutes. Price is $4,000. Still a bunch more than the RM480s. It also has a smaller deck width than the RM480.
  23. Yeah, the Husqi does tow it's battery pack behind it in an articulated design. It's a 12 volt 100 Ah pack. Here's where the Ryobi design comes up as an advantage. The Husqi runs for an hour and costs about $5,000 US while the Ryobi design runs for 2 (or 2.5) hours on a charge and costs nearly half as much. Actually the RM480 is the only electric rider on the market that sells for under $5,000 and runs for two or more hours. The ones that do run longer are the Mean Green mowers and those have price tags way up there.
  24. I know this is an old topic, but I bought one of these mowers in August and it is well worth the price. I had to drive 45 miles to the nearest HD that had one on the floor to see what it was all about, but compared to the other small riders, it was worth the drive. The design and engineering is stout and it cuts as well as the 21" Honda walk behind it replaced. Compared to my neighbor's $3,400 42" Toro Timecutter, it was a steal. After I had properly conditioned the batteries, I can mow for almost an hour and use less than 10% of the charge. It costs me less than $0.06 worth of electricit
  25. Good Catch! Thanks JC! The operative word here is RTFM (Read The Freaking Manual). I gagged this problem on two fronts. 1. I had forgotten about the "Oil Alert" feature of the engine as detailed in the Honda manual that came with the unit. 2. I also was checking the oil level incorrectly. I was reading the dipstick with the plug screwed all the way in. The manual clearly states to check the oil level by butting the plug up to the opening. I always check the oil level in all of my gas powered tools prior to using them, but I was always getting a reading that was falsely too high on th
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