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  1. Try to spray it into the trigger. You may have to open the shell to get better access.
  2. Google the "(model number) parts"
  3. You can easily Google for a parts diagram.
  4. Because they are fake. And a bad fake at that.
  5. framer


    Make a mark on the fence. Or clamp a wood block to the fence.
  6. The 8.25 saw can do a lot. And it's portable. What do you need a 10" blade for that the 8.25 can't do?
  7. I just don't understand why they make tools more complicated. This bluetooth stuff is a waste.
  8. Yeah looks like 12v versus 18v. Your drill is 18v.
  9. I just noticed my saw has the same movement. I figured I could just tighten the center bolt. But I guess you say that don't work. Is there a shim or washer under the rotating portion that can be removed or ground down?
  10. well, i have the cordless version of that saw with the 8.25 blade. perhaps a very minor complaint would be the smaller blades are harder to find, but the oem blade has been good.
  11. its hard to tell just by looking at that schematic. i'd have to see it in person!
  12. In my experience, using extensions always lessens the torque on any impact, air or cordless. the more extension you have, the more it absorbs the hammer action. are you using solid 1/2" drive extensions?
  13. i dont know. all i see and use is yellow!
  14. its not really a clutch. its a spring loaded hammer mechanism. when enough pressure is encountered, the hammer rises, turns, and impacts. if its not hammering, is it stalling? any grease should work inside it.
  15. its a nice little saw. very small and compact, which makes it easy to transport or keep in the van. it'd be nice if dewalt makes a saw like it with a bigger blade. 10" would be nice.
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