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  1. i dont know. all i see and use is yellow!
  2. its not really a clutch. its a spring loaded hammer mechanism. when enough pressure is encountered, the hammer rises, turns, and impacts. if its not hammering, is it stalling? any grease should work inside it.
  3. its a nice little saw. very small and compact, which makes it easy to transport or keep in the van. it'd be nice if dewalt makes a saw like it with a bigger blade. 10" would be nice.
  4. one of the newer versions(maybe atomic) doesnt have the threaded hole on the side if you want to attach a belt hook.
  5. well most of your wish tools dont seem like something profesionals will use much.
  6. when you take your finger off, are you making sure the red flap is not swinging down and hitting the stop button?
  7. i believe dw9116 charger works, and you can get them dirt cheap on ebay.
  8. framer

    20V Impact Wrench

    why would you recommend that one? it only has 150ft lbs torque. and for a few dollars more you can get so much more power. i'd recommend the dcf899h with the hog ring. its rated for 700ft lbs. https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCF899HB-Brushless-Torque-Impact/dp/B07LGFCH6Y?th=1 you could use that one to remove wheel lugnuts, or anything.
  9. how are you blowing all these speakers? and nice socks!
  10. have you tried another battery? next thing i'd do is probably start taking it apart....
  11. you put a level on the saw deck to make sure the fence is straight? and not bowed in the middle?
  12. where is the main shaft that holds the blade? looks like more hassle than its worth.
  13. sorry cant help. but have to say this is such a stupid feature.
  14. my guess would be a switch part.
  15. whats wrong with them?
  16. all you need to do is google "dwe7480 parts"
  17. is the chain too tight?
  18. whats so bad about the head? push line though hole, and rotate head to wind up the line. pretty darn simple.
  19. follow the little air line to the switch. when the switch is turned off, or when pressure maxes out and motor shuts off, a little lever presses on the little air release valve at the end of that little air line. this relieves the air pressure in the lines, so that the compressor can restart easy on the next startup. one way to see that valve working. get compressor running then disconnect cord. then turn switch to off. you should hear an air hiss sound briefly as pressure is released.
  20. the new folding 20v is nice. i wish the 60v folded.
  21. not in stock according to website
  22. you sure theres not a small snap ring at the base of that pinion shaft?
  23. hopefully available soon
  24. looks like a clip on other end of shaft. open the gear case.
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