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  1. Wow- that looks different than the existing packs for sure! Is that aluminum on the base?
  2. Well, I was not able to get one of these, but for what I do (homeowner with appetite for projects), I settled on a DCD780 that I found at a local pawn shop- WOW!!! This sucker is FAST MAN!!! All I will need for a long time, and with one of my buddies being a DeWALT rep, the DCF895 is going to be my next investment, as soon as I can find a buyer for some of my M12 tools. I have a mix of tools, but I have to say that my new fav is my 20v drill- $120 makes this a KILLER investment. I now have 2 DeWalt tools and growing.
  3. I see these in my very near future!!!! Just sold my DCD980 today at a garage sale to make room- looking to sell my Fuel as well...
  4. DeWALT is using Samsung cells as well now- 2 PK combo kit has them (look for the battery to have a label with yellow writing, not engraved on bottom of pack) as well as the newer packs hitting stores. 12v MAX has it as well in the newer 1.5ah packs. It would appear that DeWALT is trying to catch up with Milwaukee, not the other way around.
  5. Ok, I just called a factory service center rep and they checked for me- it can be replaced like you asked and will work! To order a part will be $55 for the chuck- spendthrift, but a nice chuck for sure!!
  6. So, do we have confirmation that this does in fact work? I am looking to do the same thing!!
  7. Funny you should ask- I had one disassembled and tried that! The screwdriver was what I tried it on and the RPM's went Way Higher, let me tell you. The problem is getting the battery to fit up with the current 12v profile...but it did work, yes.
  8. The Premium has a better circ and recip saw- 4 position blade clamp on the premium and Magnesium on the circ saw, vs steel. I would recomend the Premium- you will be happier in the end. Kinda like buyin a car- you want power windows, sun roof, heated seats, ect. Just my opinion!!
  9. Question: will these cells be making it into 20v batteries soon?? If Milwaukee is getting such a great experience with them, why wouldn't we put them in ours??
  10. Whoa....um, yeah, this could be a game changer!!! Definately gonna give these a shot!!!
  11. The kit for $80.00 was clearance at Home Depot- I have not seen it since I picked mine up, FYI.
  12. It's too bad you weren't here in the states- I just picked up a combo pack with this drill, 2 3ah batteries, charger and the 12v MAX screwdriver and battery for $80.00 with tax!!! This was FAR TOO GOOD to pass up!!! Very strong drill- ergonomics and feel are far superior to old 18v style. Bottom line- very happy!!!
  13. Good evening all!! I am curious... When will we see a brushless compact drill launched in the 20v platform? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been to the local big box store looking for DeWALT BL tools, but I have only seen at Lowes. Makita has a BL Hammer drill, but it has less power than their white compact drill, and Milwaukee has drills, but has held off on the impact for some strange reason? Helpa brother out here please?! :-\ I finally got my hands on the BL impact and am impressed- new chuck is B.A.!! Great job men!
  14. Milwaukee has an updated battery for you under the M28 listing- this is backwards compatible and has the Red Lithium Cells inside, giving a better runtime and cold weather performance. Hope this helps!
  15. The 20v system would be my choice over te older XRP NICD's for sure. WAY better ergonomics with the addition of the slide pack, and as just stated above, a better battery warranty as well. Although it is a new tool line, I'm sure more tools are on the horizon to appease customers who want to continue to build their portable tool collection. As far as the V28 batteries- this was a first attempt at Lithium power by Milwaukee, so unfortunately, that is to be expected. I would see if you could talk to a local rep and maybe get either swapped or prorated into the new M28 packs as they are compatible with V28 system and from what I can see, are a very much improved battery. Main thing here is to try out all your options with hands on if you can- that is truly the best way to find what is going to be YOUR best fit! Happy hunting and Happy New Year!!!
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