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  1. Saw this posted on Instagram by @toolsbydesign. Showcased at World of Concrete. The DCG200 wall chaser. It's a dedicated tool, not an accessory for the Flexvolt grinder. Has built-in RF for the cordless T-stak HEPA vac. Seems to launch in Europe sometime this year. Nothing about availability in NA yet.
  2. I'll try again As for the barrel grip jigsaw. It's available now here in the Netherlands. Got my delivery today. Great bit of kit (as usual)
  3. Did you guys notice the compact impact driver DCF809 and drill DCD708? http://image.zuojiaju.com/pic/20190109/1546967375772306_777.jpg http://image.zuojiaju.com/pic/20190109/1546967375825781_844.jpg
  4. It seems us Europeans will get a different cordless sander?! The battery orientation is upwards instead of sideways...
  5. Hi Mr Yellow ,


    I read one of your posts/comments regarding your DW744 tablesaw and your difficulty setting it to 45degrees. I have the same saw and the same issue. Did you ever fix it?





    (also from The Netherlands..;-))

    1. Mr. Yellow

      Mr. Yellow

      Hi Mojo/Kenneth,


      My fix was to remove the plastic cover underneath the saw.

      Also because of the design, it builds up sawdust inside and running the saw would eventually throw the sawdust back onto me when using the saw. 

      Bit of a hack job since the dust control is next to none now ;)


      You could just take a peek underneath and see if you can adjust anything to fix the issue.




    2. Mr Mojo

      Mr Mojo



      Yes, dustextraction isn't it's strongpoint.

      I just cleaned the saw inside and took another good look at it upside down. I had to anyway because the cloth bit of the dustcover fell from the aixle of the pinion system. When I had it all cleaned and back in place I tested the 45 setting again and it just makes it now (did a testrun and it made a clean 45 cut). It runs with the metal sawcover agains the pinion system aixle at 45. I ducttaped the loose metal dustcover to the plastic dustcover to make the most of the room and maybe improve the dustextraction a bit. It does seem to do both... for now.





  6. Same as a DS150 minus the top handle?!
  7. 20v Max caulk guns (and shears) spotted in the back... ↵ Use original player Dewalt 20V MAX XR Tool Cordless Lineup Overview By coptool YouTube 720p 360p ← Replay X i
  8. @Hugh Jass it's an easy fix. Get the 2 latches from the DS100 organizer as spare parts and mount them on the radio. See here > http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/power-tool-forum/index.php?/topic/3709-tough-system-radio/&page=4
  9. Hey Mr Yellow, Just saw the great pics of your van. I'm building out a tool trailer and would ilke to explore tough system for storage. How'd you get the framework for the TS Brackets? Was it a pre fab framework for TS?

    Or a custom build?


    The van looks amazing by the way !!! Nice Job

    1. Mr. Yellow

      Mr. Yellow

      Hi. It is a custom build 'framework' for the brackets. It's only aluminum studs.

      There are a few more topics in the DeWALT section from other people doing the same, just slightly different. They welded frames. Look for user Rossi7x. He was one of the first to adopt the Toughsystem for van storage/racking.


      Thanks! Still enjoying it. Being organized is half the job sometimes. 

    2. Mr Kitchen

      Mr Kitchen

      Mr. Yellow,


      Awesome van, What are the straps you are using for the saw and compressor




    3. Mr. Yellow

      Mr. Yellow


      Sorry for the late response. Not been on here for a while. 

      The straps are auto-retractable ones. They are sold under different names. Just Google 'auto retractable strap' and they'll pop up.




  10. Not sure if it has anything to do with #worldsfirst, but DeWALT has redesigned their website... http://www.dewalt.com
  11. Makes you think why the 36V line was discontinued....
  12. Buying an appartment. So a lot of money goes into that. Need to be saving up instead of buying tools now
  13. For a while. Wishlist is long though [emoji6]
  14. Sometime. Have to put my resources elsewhere for a while. No tools.
  15. Maybe use a DS150 or 300 instead...[emoji4]
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