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  1. A 20v Pin nailer would be sweet too......
  2. So is this gonna be a national thing? I hope it comes to NC
  3. If you need a small 3/8" Impact ASAP I'd reccomend the dewalt 12v version. The batteries will charge on the 20v max charger. It might not be as powerful as the 1/2" but you'd be surprised by the power it's packing. I was able to take of a trucks lug nuts with it.
  4. Is dewalt the first with the snub nose impact?
  5. Yeah i thought it was gonna be 1/2". Now I don't know if I should upgrade from the 12v version...
  6. Amazon has them for $27-$29 with free shipping!!!
  7. Is that 10 hour charge crucial? I didn't do it. Is it too late?
  8. Mine work great and definitely last longer then the 12v. I would know Cus Ive had both sets.
  9. Wow I hadnt thought about that, your right dewaltdude. I'll edit my post in a few but I guess the sale is just for the bare tool.
  10. This drill is a little over a month old. I honestly haven't used it much With the exception of one job where I was hanging cabinets on a cinderblock wall, and the occasional pocket hole on site. It works great The only reason I'm selling it is because my dad has a premium hammerdrill he's going to sell me. Price is $100 for BARE TOOL + shipping. Or TOOL and 1- 1.5 AH battery and 1- charger $200 for all + shipping. Or $150 for the drill and 1- battery + shipping. As for shipping I'm certain it will all fit in a USPS flatrate box that runs from $10^ nothing crazy expensive. I'm in NOR
  11. They must have just taken it off Cus all of last week it was going for 230. I was kicking myself for not waiting. Oh well.
  12. Sure did. I'll pOst a pic or link to it in a bit
  13. Amazon has the same deal but If you spend more then 100 you get 25 off and free shipping and they might still be doing the free battery deal
  14. Dang you can equip an army hahaha
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