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  1. I was thinking if we have them in UK / EU with Pozi head probably it would be with Phillips head in the US. Thanks for the photo.
  2. Altan

    Tough System Racking

    Swapping out the plastic for metal almost in everything is needed in my opinion.
  3. Hope it will reduce the size of 6Ah/8Ah/10Ah batteries to the size of 5Ah batteries.
  4. It would cut wire / rebar up to 6mm diameter.
  5. Edilgrappa even makes three different versions of cordless metal puncher working with 20V DeWALT batteries, they can punch holes in metal in thickness up to 22 or 30mm.
  6. I would like to have this machine but using DeWALT batteries, with a bit smaller head or as an laser engraver.
  7. Enerpac is another brand making one of this tools using DeWALT batteries
  8. Edilgrappa is an Italian brand making new tools related to concrete / rebar work, using DeWALT batteries! All made in Italy!
  9. It seems DeWALT has dedicated DCS350-DCS359 model numbers to Oscillating Multi Tools. First they started with DCS355 exactly from the middle of this range, after a few years almost at the same time one number below (DCS354 Atomic) and one number above (DCS356 three speed option) was released and now DSC533 12V version is released. So now it is clear DCS352 and DCS351 are going to be 12V or 8V(?!!!) versions and how about DCS357, DCS358 DCS359?! Probably DCS357 would be 20V version with 6-7 speed settings, DCS358 20V Flexvolt advantage and DCS359 60V Flexvolt! Also next step would be another battery platform :)))
  10. I wish it was only Metric. I do not get the logic in saying 9/64" instead of 3.5mm. SAE (Imperial) is English measuring system from England and used in US and other British dependencies (Canada, Australia and New Zealand), All adopted Metric except the US! US is almost the only country in the world left alone with Imperial system. Metric, French in core but more introduced internationally by Germans.
  11. My problem with DeWALT Toughsystem is the insert foams for their different tools, they do not produce insert foam for all their tools, also not Toughsystem Caddy, not Toughsystem Vac. Or maybe instead of foam just solid plastic. And why not in yellow colour, or maybe the lid in yellow at least!
  12. Yes you are right, For Festool and Hilti as well.
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