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  1. Thank you very much Mr. Yellow. These are exactly what I was looking for. I just found them on sale online so I will pick up a few and see what I can build.
  2. Where do you get the arms that the boxes slide into. I just ordered a few more XL cases and wanted to build a rack that is portable when I need it to be, yet it will also allow it to be a nice shop tool box setup, also. These boxes are so universal that it would be so easy to make a rack for the shop and a separate mobile rack for the mobile type job site.
  3. I really like your tool rack setup, but am I the only one that quickly noticed the GOJOW pic in the background? It seems you have good taste in more than just tools. ;D
  4. I wonder if they will eventually move the brushless technology over to the 3/8" impact.
  5. I thought they were priced a little high when I first bought them, but I have changed my mind since. These boxes are built better than most Stanley boxes, and they offer organization that is superior. I am mainly speaking of the XL box. I think it is the best box of the set, and you can find it online on sale for $55 right now. For some reason, I don't value the large box all that much just because the XL box has way more space and offers a lot more organization for me. I had to pay $69 for my XL box, but it came with a Dewalt "fat max" 35' tape measure that has good value. I didn't buy
  6. Thank you for the piece of mind. I was pretty sure the salesman was lying, but I am glad that you removed all doubt. I am going back there this week so I will let you know if he keeps pushing the issue. The local place is offfering a good deal if I can find a tool to trade in, but I found a Dewalt outlet center online that is selling the same kits so much cheaper that I think the local place needs to come down in price a little. Home depot is selling the same kit for over $120 cheaper. I don't like the bags all that much for the new Dewalt kits, but that doesn't affect me anymore since I
  7. I think the newer model was a little faster on the 3" deck screws, but they both sunk them so fast that I don't think you would notice much difference on the job. I didn't time the 3 inch deck screws because I felt like I was already pushing my luck with the tool store guys. I was annoyed at one thing. One guy was telling me that they were an industrial store, and that the tools they sell have better parts in them than cheaper versions at places like home depot. I think this is a lie. I would think that if the kit has the same part number than it would be the same whether I bought it from
  8. I think Dewaltdude is going to do this test eventually. I think the tools were probably exactly the same. I am pretty sure the time descrepancy was my fault running the stopwatch. My local tools store was kind enough to let me test this, but I think they are getting a little annoyed with me. They just want a sell at this point, and I will buy, but I just need a dead tool and 2 batteries to get the promotional deal.
  9. Kjones, don't worry about my last questions. I got the answer myself. I tested my dewalt DC825 vs. the DDCF885. I sunk 3/8 by 2.5" lags into a 4X4 block. I was only concerned with speed of application. I have plenty of batteries so I really don't care about duration. My DC825 with nicads put the lags in on average of .15 seconds faster than the new model. They both seemed identical in performance, and they were both spectacular. I really liked the feel and lights on the new model. Both models sunk 3" deck screws faster than you could really get a good test on.
  10. I am agreeing with everything that you are saying. This is why I am going to buy the 20 volt max for my core line of tools. I was only interested in the milwaukee for impact purposes only. I absolutely hate milwaukees drills. Dewalt has 3 usable speeds compared to Milwaukees slow and slower speeds on the drill. I do think milwaukee makes a decent sawzall, also. One last question. In your testing, does the DCD885 outperform the DC827? If it does outperform it, does the DCD885 outperform the DC827 by a decent margin? Oops, that is 2 questions. I really appreciate your input.
  11. kjones, how much better is the new 20 volt max impact driver compared to the old 18 volt impact driver? I really want to buy the new 20 volt impact driver, but I wish there some testing out for comparisons. The only thing that scares me a little is that I have seen testing that shows the milwaukee impact driver being far superior to the old dewalt DC827. This doesn't mean anything since they didn't test the 20 volt line, but it makes me a little hesitant. Here is some of the testing I am referring to. http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/industry-news.asp?sectionID=1490&articleID=172161
  12. How soon will Dewalts new 3/8" impact come out in North America. I am not sure the 12 volt will have the power I am wanting. Also, does anyone know if the new brushless impact driver that dewalt is coming out with is way better than their current 20 volt imipact driver. Maybe I should just wait until this new stuff is released.
  13. Thanks for the info. I think the 3/8 would be able to do most of what I need. I can hold off a little longer on the 1/2" impact. Is the new 3/8 impact you are talking about the DCF883? Does it have more torque than your current 3/8 offering. The current 3/8 impact (DC823B) shows it rated at 125 ft-lbs. Will the new impact be rated at higher torque? The fascination I had with the milwaukee impact was because it was rated at 166 ft.-lbs. for the 3/8 and 450 ft.-lbs. for the 1/2". I would love to stay with dewalt on everything if their new stuff would be more powerful.
  14. I already have a 1/2" impact similar to the DW059. I currently own a 28 volt Milwaukee impact that is rated similar to the DW059. The only problem I have with these impacts are that they are just too big for a lot of applications. I think that a really powerful 3/8 will do most of my work, but I need a fairly compact 1/2" drive also. I am hoping that Dewalts new 3/8 drive will have similar specs to Milwaukee's current 3/8 impact. Then again, I am not sure how specs add up in the real world. I don't know if milwaukee fudges numbers a little compared to the dewalt. For example, my friend
  15. I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on impact wrenches from different companies. I am going to buy a 20 volt max combo kit this week for my everyday tools, but I also need some high performance cordless impacts when I can't use air guns. The tests I have seen put milwaukee impacts in the best performance for the money category, especially with the $100 instant rebate going on now. I did see that dewalt has a new 3/8" impact coming out soon. Should I wait in hopes that dewalt will come out with a new 1/2" impact with more torque and smaller form factor than the current offereing or
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