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  1. Have not seen this yet. Can't post photos from my phone so I'll give a link. I Have so many flashlight but heck I'll make this as well.. http://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCL023-8V-Max-Worklight/dp/B00F2F0VFC
  2. I finally seen this drill.. I usally always go out to department stores aka lowes/ homedepot on black Friday.. I've never seen a 20 v. Max drill like this on sale..
  3. I think the slide pack design is a bit more sensitive.. I've seen the 18v basically live outside..had a friend lose some 12v batteries in one night outside...mine get a little wet sometimes when I mix thinset doing tile but haven't had any failures..Is there no moisture sticker in these like that of a cell phone?
  4. Really bummed about these not having hard cases...I wish I could at least get an option..I have older skill saws saws all, hammer drills all in great shape... That is because of the cases I've already annihilated for 4 of these bags they send..
  5. This is pretty cool here..I think they still lack a band saw and a few others that are very popular tools
  6. Any body know where in the states you can order this yet? Its a must have for me
  7. I'm guessing since it didn't land on dewalt USA Facebook page that.its not.coming out here in October...?:/
  8. Ohhh I've waited solo long for this...this is the best picture I've seen of this tool yet. The link above did not work for me...I honestly thought they would just duplicate the porter cable...this is just different. Is there another one on the market with a variable speed trigger? I love it and will have it as soon as possible. Hope it at least has a hard case.....I'm a little bummed to see the new radio 25 dollars cheaper than I Bought it last month for. But hey such is life
  9. I also would not expect anything like that until late next year...and I also second your idea between my flashlights and impact driver and my new radio my 12 volt batteries get used every single day of their life...if they died out tomorrow I would be happy with the performance
  10. I think with the current trend you may get a brushless motor and a 2.0 amp hr battery...which would probably out last much of the older 18 volt stuff...the torque is dialed down but on a typical #2 Phillips head screw...I almost enjoy the lower torque setting...but dewalt has taken some time with there stuff...missed some opportunities with a few things and capitalized on others... I recently joined a crew that work in warehouses for industrial conveyor belt lines. they all use Milwaukee. I still believe that my 20 volt stuff is better than everything they have but I'm still a little aggravate
  11. http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/2013/06/dewalt-dcf680-gyroscopic-screwdriver-game-changing-technology/
  12. Yea it does resemble the new rolling miter saw stand doesn't it..how about that? A electic assisted lift
  13. So it's actually been awhile 2 years come July. I remodeled a town house in Tampa Florida. Well long story short I cut my thumb in half with a chisel. Literally I had to call an ambulance it was serious. Well I remember looking down at the stretcher and it was an electric stretcher with a huge dewalt logo. Well after being stitched up and stuff completely forgot about it until I was watching tv today and seen one on a show. Just wanted to show everybody. Pretty sure it's just the battery.. Didn't do much research but did find the bed at this link..if anyone knows more about this and/or other m
  14. Man I want these..,there merge with Stanley has really came on... I use to have all hand tools kobalt.. I have a new kobalt socket set...damn it! Now they need to make shovels and such..as long as that warranty is there I will buy... That's why kobalt had my business but I love to match... How about Tile and Sheetrock trowels? Haha got to say they I figured there socket wrenches would have a nice rubber grip
  15. Sorry I never seen your comment. I did not win, the guy who won had a ton of stuff..it all looked brand new to me and was kinda sloppy stacked all over the place. So the cases they gave away prob seemed perfect for him.. I have no complaints though because dewalt sent me a 20v shirt and some stickers
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