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  1. Hey everybody, I am a long time lurker, have replied a few times but this is my first new topic I think. I am calling on anyone that has one of these new rotary laser levels from Dewalt. I will start out by saying this unit is built like a tank, no doubt. I am very impressed with how robust the whole thing is. However I am having a hard time with how it attaches to a tripod. I watched lots of videos of it before purchasing the laser level and I knew it used a clip in order to thread onto a tripod, but it does not attach securely onto the tripod at all. I have used other laser levels and my use is mainly outdoor residential construction and 99% of it includes using a tripod. I believed that this laser level was aimed directly at that use. I want to know if others have faced this as well. To me it is completely unacceptable, and I can't believe Dewalt released it as it is. Every other laser level I have used threads directly onto the tripod and is attached very securely. Just to be clear when you thread the Dewalt onto the tripod, the clip is attached very securely to the tripod, but the actual laser level is not so much securely attached to the clip. I can wiggle the whole unit on the tripod quite a bit. So what are other people's thoughts on this laser level? I have the DW079LR, red laser but I believe all the rotary laser levels attach the same way. If anyone was considering buying this guy, awesome laser if you have no intentions of using a tripod(it attaches the same way to the wall bracket and also very wiggly on the wall bracket). If you are like me and need a laser level for mostly outdoor tripod work, I can't recommend this. I am very disappointed because laser level is awesome, very weather proof, looks like it can take a tumble, and it uses the Dewalt batteries I already have. Needles to say, this guy is going back. To add insult to injury, the laser level electronics are not functioning properly either, it doesn't turn on or off properly. Not the biggest deal, I was going to exchange it for a new one but now it is just going back. I hope to hear from others, have a good one!
  2. I am curious if the DeWalt brackets are interchangeable. Lol
  3. I don't post much round' here, but I think I can weigh in on this. I have been using my Makita tracksaw for 8 years now and it is definitely one of my favorite tools to use. It does the job great. My work recently got the DeWalt so I've put a few mile on that one too. They are both built well and I think the only difference I can find using them is that the Makita has a distinct plunge action. Meaning you pivot the saw downward to start the cut, whereas the DeWalt has more forward motion to the plunging action. If you only used one saw I doubt you would notice anything, I do switching between saws. They take the same blades, as stated the DeWalt can use both tracks, I believe most accessories are also interchangeable. Given everything I think the DeWalt comes out slightly ahead due to it having a riving knife. Not having a riving knife on my Makita hasn't been much of an issue because I use a cutting table, but it is a nice feature. Regardless of your pick I'm sure you won't be dissapointed. Also I would suggest getting both a long and a short track, don't mess around connecting rails. Lastly I find the clamps crucial, yes the tracks have a grippy strip and they tend not to slide around, but I don't like taking the chance. Good luck and happy cutting! ?
  4. That is a booster/power pack that looks like a radio. Kinda cool actually, has booster cables for jumping a vehicle, 110v outlet, 12v outlet, usb outlet, digital display showing how much juice is left. Maybe Dewalt is coming out with a whole line of auto batteries too ?
  5. This is the picture. Hammer drill, not recip saw.
  6. I believe there is a picture or video of the new compact brushless recip saw. If you look below, I think that might be the new grinder. I thought that when I first saw that but hadn't heard anything about it. It looks to be similar form factor to the 20v grinder with the XR grip on the handle.
  7. That feature will only be on the 120v MAX model, which is still in development phase. But going by Dewalt's previous time frames, that radio should be available for pre-order late summer 2018........
  8. Yeah, that Dewalt battery is hardly recognizable! It now looks like it's a Ryobi one+........?
  9. ryanbrec


    It looks their current offerings, brushed 6.5" saw and a metal cutting saw. I see a new flashlight similar to the 12v light. That could be cool.
  10. You got me scanning the background. Looks like a couple possible versions of shears and caulking guns. Also looks like a 20v concrete vibrator. I guess this is the year of the yellow. Some new tech, and finally a lot of older 18v tools on the 20v platform.
  11. I believe it said 339 cuts on one charge as well. That should put the saw competitively with Makita and Milwaukee. I'm also guessing Dewalt will release a 9 ah battery in probably 8 or so months after a lot of people have bought into the new tools. Don't get me wrong, I'm liking this whole idea. I am really interested to see the new Dewalt circular saw compared to both the Milwaukee and Makita. I've used the Milwaukee and was really impressed by it.
  12. I'm not sure if I missed this at some point but it seems like Dewalt is coming out with a cordless metal connection nailer. We call them hanger nailers as we primarily use them to install joist hangers, but they can install hurricane ties, PWF straps and other metal hangers or connectors. I tried copying a link here but it didn't seem to work, but if you google DCN693B I think sites like Acme Tools come up with it available to order. Cool.
  13. Agreed on all comments. It appears they took the same motor assembly and placed it on a completely different miter saw assembly. Perhaps to increase the cut capacity without having to start from scratch.
  14. As long as you're happy with miter saw you have that should be all that matters. But I can see how people will feel a bit ripped off by Dewalt if they come out with a better version so quickly. I honestly think they should be concentrating on tools they don't already have. Big one for me is a good brushless circular saw. They may have realized that Makita is coming out with a brushless miter saw and rushed to compete with that. I still don't get why the initial miter saw wasn't brushless. Sometimes being first out of the gate isn't always best.
  15. So after locksmithmatt's post, can we assume that a brushless miter saw is on the way. DCS365, the current model is DCS361. I wish we had more info on that. Blade size, cut capacity. Maybe DeWalt won't be such a let down. I just wish they didn't take so long on stuff.
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