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  1. Hi Its been a while since I posted anything. Thought i would have look and see if there was anything of interest i had missed. I noticed that there was not much interest in the Dewalt ToughCase+ system that is supposed to be coming out any time now. Has any one seen them in the wild yet? or has anyone got a date for there release in both USA or UK?? I am interested in the MEDIUM and LARGE as the small and medium are already available in the UK with a variety of bits in them. I want them to re purpose the medium and large cases to carry other items.
  2. I was talking to someone a few days ago (no names). He has been reliable for info in the past. He attended a Private Dewalt "show and tell" at one of Dewalt's R&D facilities. While he was there he noticed what he said looked like a 1/2" Flexvolt router on a table away from the area they were showing off the new tools. When he asked the rep about it, another rep covered it and removed it out of sight. SO if this is true there my be a 1/2" router in the works. I don't know how far away though. Has anyone else heard anything about this??? The new 12ah battery would be spot on to power it! The 12ah battery being released now is in my opinion a sign of more power hungry tools on the way. Like the 1/2" router!! Anyone have a NEW tool in mind for the 12ah?
  3. Hi Midogrumpy You say you have more stuff! Can you tell us how long we have to wait till you can release more details?? Getting itchy waiting!!
  4. DooDar


    Thanks for the help! I think in might email DeWALT and see what I get back. I have not finalized the deign yet so I could change it if it is going to get me in trouble!!!!! plus I think I might attach a picture of what I intend on doing. I think they might like it!!
  5. DooDar


    Hi all I probably know the answer to this but I thought I would ask. I am designing some T shirts to be made for my company and I would like to have the DeWALT logo as part of my design. Can I do this or do I need permission from DeWALT them selves. (not sure how I would get permission). I am not after selling them so I am not after profiting from this. just would like to have the logo on to match all my tools. PLUS its a bit of free advertisement for DeWALT!!! (wink, wink) And if any DeWALT reps on here can help in getting the permission if I need it, that would be fantastic!!!! Any Help would be much appreciated !!!
  6. I love the laser measurer that fits in the palm of your hand!!!! HANDY!!!! DW030PL-XJ
  7. Bluetooth integration on Dewalt tools!!! I love that!!! Bluetooth TAG I also love that!! Bluetooth adaptor?? not 100% sure on that?? what could that be for?? what would existing tools use that for?? One things for sure, I will have to find buyers for me drill and impact driver so I can upgrade when the Bluetooth ones come out!!
  8. Hi midogrumpy Have you told use about the two things you were not able to talk about at the beginning of this post?? plus do you know if and when the DCH283 SDS will be coming to the UK??
  9. Ok so is this yours rossi7x? Did you convert it?
  10. Sorry not had chance to reply. I am keeping both. The corded and the Flexvolt (when it arrives!!) Even if I wait till the Flexvolt arrives and I try the port to see if it fits, I am still none the wiser as to where I can get hold of the port as a part for the corded one in either case! It is a little frustrating the fact that parts are so hard to get hold of in some cases!! Some tools I can get hold of just about anything then things like this seem to be like pulling teeth to find!! Surely there is some one on this forum in Dewalts inner circle that can help!! Kenneth Denmark or midogrumpy I am looking in your direction!!
  11. Sorry I haven't explained it properly. I have the corded version already. I have the flexvolt version on order and should have it in about 2 weeks. The corded saw does not have the airlock port and I want to change it so I can use dewalt's airlock system with it. At the moment I am using the adaptors, and as good as they are, it is still easy to catch the hose and knock it out. I can't find a part number for it anywhere. The link you have included only has the standard dust port listed as number. 138 - DeWalt DUST PORT DWS520-3-138-N025979 which is the one already fitted to my saw. I know the corded version can come with the airlock port already fitted as I found out 2 days. That is why I thought that the port on the flexvolt saw could fit to the corded saw. And If it did I could order that instead. BUT I can't even find a website that supplies any parts for the flexvolt saw!!
  12. So MIDOGRUMPY is this saw one of the two things you said "there are two secrets I can´t take about !.... stay posted" on the "new ebrochure / on site offers 2017 / phase 2 Flexvolt" feed??
  13. Hi I currently have a DWS520 Plunge saw (TYPE 3) and a DCS520 Plunge saw (Flexvolt) on order. The new Flexvolt plunge saw has a dust port that is compatible with the airlock system that the DWV902M extractor uses. The DWS520 Is just a straight dust I thought that the corded saw had not been made with the airlock port until 2 days ago when I went to a site and another joiner had the corded saw but with the airlock port!! I had a look at the model number and it is exactly the same as mine, it is even a TYPE 3 just like mine. I cant see any other difference with the two saws!! So I had a look on my usual websites for tool parts and can't find any exploded illustrations that show the airlock port. All I can find the standard straight dust port. so I tried to look for parts for the Flexvolt saw because they seem to look the same and might be able to fit the corded saw. But I can't seem to find any website that lists parts for the Flexvolt saw at all. does any one know the part number for the airlock dust port and/or if the airlock port from the Flexvolt will fit the corded saw??? And if anyone knows any really good tool parts websites in the UK please let me know!! Thanks for the help!!
  14. Just seen the UK brochure and I didn't see the 12" mitre saw in it!! My local tool guy said they would have them in early March, which is still Q1. So why is it not shown on the brochure????
  15. I have seen a video review somewhere that said it was a way to see if the saw had been used. If you were to return the unit and say it has not been used they can tell by that bit of plastic if the saw has been run or not. When you run it for the first time it will cut through it and you will not notice it again. As far as I am aware it is not a fault.
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