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  1. Welcome to the crew
  2. Really sucks! They took everything inside clothes, stereo and tools plus they took my rims but it pisses me off that there job was probably easier with my 2763 1/2 Milwaukee impact 😡 learned my lesson about leaving tools in my truck...
  3. Thanks Eric! Sucks it took me so long to get them back dang rat bastards stole my truck last year with about 2k of tools so I’m happy to almost be back at we’re i once was just sucks I could’ve spent on other new cool tools.
  4. Here’s a lil impact tool porn lol man it feels good to get them back and upgraded after my truck was stolen with my other older models..
  5. Just got these in today so time to put the stubby to work lol
  6. Got the boot for the stubby today, man I gotta admit I’m team Yellow but these m12 tools are really damn nice!
  7. Here’s my Christmas haul from kiddos and wifey man I love them!
  8. Welcome to the crew!
  9. Happy New Years to my crew hope you all are safe and taken care of they these crazy time I wish all of us a better and blessed year!! TIA#1!!!
  10. Bigmikez

    To the Crew

    I’m a lil late but hope you all had a safe and great Christmas crew with my grams passing last month mine was a lil sad but still blessed for my children, wife and family! TIA#1!!
  11. Wow I’m jealous bro!! Looks amazing man!
  12. Thanks Rego!! Hope you and your family are doing great brotha!!!
  13. Thanks guys! I had probably like 4-6 hrs and yes that blue is really cool I know u can’t really see the metallic in it from pics but it has nice ones!
  14. Hey crew just wanted to post some pics of a lil project I just finished
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