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  1. Wow I’m jealous bro!! Looks amazing man!
  2. Thanks Rego!! Hope you and your family are doing great brotha!!!
  3. Welcome to the crew!!
  4. Thanks guys! I had probably like 4-6 hrs and yes that blue is really cool I know u can’t really see the metallic in it from pics but it has nice ones!
  5. Hey crew just wanted to post some pics of a lil project I just finished
  6. Welcome to the crew dude
  7. Thank you!!My niece brought this to me she said she got it at a yard sale for her son. She will be sending me pics soon so I can post after pics with it’s stickers
  8. Thanks Eric! This is for my nephew he loves cars all cars and right now he’s crazy for ghost busters so I tried to paint it like them I’ll try to post pics after they add the stickers and get the tires for the wheels I also painted
  9. Bigmikez

    Pedal car

    Been picking up on my painting again been super blessed with jobs I’ll be posting more pics soon. Hope the crew in here has been safe and well on here!!
  10. Welcome to the crew dude your gonna fit right in here!!
  11. Guys what’s up!!!! Hope u lol have been doing good and and your family’s are healthy thru all this craziness. Man it’s crazy how time flies and life just passes by... I try and pop in every so often but yea u miss the good old days on here with u guys...
  12. https://www.toolnut.com/milwaukee-2522-21xc-m12-fuel-3-compact-cut-off-tool-4ah-kit.html
  13. So last year my truck was stolen and my Milwaukee 1/2 impact wrench along with many other tools was stolen by some rat bastards!! My Bday was Friday and I didn’t have a chance to post till now but my amazing wifey and amazing children got me this!! Man I’m so happy lil by lil I’m getting my tools back it just sucks we have to spend twice on these... on the brighter side this is the new beast with 1400lbs of breaking power!!
  14. Yup it’s gravity with a 1.3 tip, 1.2 tip and te20 cap so it should shoot smoothly
  15. Welcome to the crew!!
  16. Just got this bad boy shipped from the UK pretty excited to test this out on some projects coming up
  17. Bigmikez


    Welcome aboard the crew
  18. Welcome to the crew dude!
  19. What’s up dude welcome to the crew! Greetings from riverside ca
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