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  1. Your rails are twisted. There are videos on how to fix it. Try a google search. Good luck
  2. glass

    Another bad battery

    How do you jump it. Thx
  3. glass

    Another bad battery

    On a positive note. Hats off to Dewalt. Sending me a brand new battery no questions asked. Liked I said, I love Makita and Dewalt. Hey shit goes bad and there are production runs. My faith is restored they replaced the battery.
  4. glass

    Another bad battery

    Like I said I have over 25 Makita batteries only one bad. I have virtually use them till they are blinking. If anything I max out the makitas far more often.
  5. glass

    Makita ls1219l

    I have this saw for some time. It’s been used by me only for finish work. Like all of theses current Makita rail forward saws the rails where slightly twisted out of the box causing the blade to be Not parallel to rails thru the slide. Like many I loosened the screws holding the the rails tight at the front bracket and was able to realign the rails. Makita claimed it was a shipping issue. I am a big Makita fan but b....hit. After one year I had to realign the rails. They do hold for a while but it is something users will need to keep an eye on. Furthermore my Aluminium detente plate is wearing
  6. I have had 2 20volt batteries go bad. Now my second flexvolt battery went. I bought 10 Dewalt batteries and 4 have now crapped out. The first three under warranty the latest is 2016. I Will call Dewalt tomorrow and beg. I have 26 5 amp Makita batteries and only one has gone bad under warranty and none after. Dewalt is just not as reliable in my ACTUAL experience. I am bummed because I like some of dewalts offerings like the flexvolt compressor and power station, but the batteries just do not hold up. Furthermore all my hand tools, hammer drills, impacts, skil saws, and sawzalls are makitas an
  7. Or drag out a 20 lb 100’ dt cord....
  8. glass


    Where the F.... is the dcs727? Hello Dewalt. Sub 50lb 10” 60v max scms. We all want it. Hurry the f.... up.
  9. Jironman. We talking cordless bub
  10. Fool. 4 and 6 amp 21700 cell batteries preform better. And are not bigger. 12 amp batteries are a devils advocate response. Be real Do you own stock in Makita or are you a professional apologist.
  11. How far behind is Makita on batteries ? Festool just released a 4 amp 21700 cell battery. If you are behind Festool you are in the dark ages.
  12. It’s funny when a company makes a poor decision. There will always be the apologists. Nothing wrong with xgt. Just make more powerful batteries for lxt. Some tools can handle The slight increase in weight like rotary hammers, blowers, miter saws, chain saws, lawn mowers. I think any of the single battery lxt tools would benefit from a 21700 5.5 amp or 6 amp battery. furthermore xgt is just like metabo hpt 36 volt line without the ac option. Additionally these tools max at 4 x 36 = 144 watts. 9 x 18 = 162. So right off the bat the competitors have more juice. Which means more run time. Those
  13. glass


    Just like Makita better make 21700 cell batteries Dewalt better bring the dcs727 to the USA.
  14. And Dewalt makes 20 v batteries with 21700 cells
  15. Note I am not bagging on xgt Looks cool. I am bagging makitas lack of support to all of us lxt adopters. Their tools rock. Now get us the high demand batteries. I am a customer heavily invested in Makita. I will divest Probably would take at 3 other manufacturers to cover what I like about my makitas.
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