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  1. I am going to purchase a new 3/8 battery impact wrench. I have a couple 18v batteries for y drill/driver. A possibility is purchasing just the tool only 18V rather than a 20v kit. I was in the process of ordering it when I happened to think, in a couple years am i going to need new 18V batteries and find out they no longer offer 18V batteries because they have switched to 20V batteries. I had a similar experience before the dewalt 18V drill driver, the company no longer made the batteries even though the drill still worked so i had to replace it! While on the subject what are the advantages of the 20V battery to the 18V battery? thank you Richard Rockefeller
  2. the 2 that came with my drill 2 yrs ago.
  3. how does this 18v compare? DeWALT DC820B 1/2" (13mm) 18V Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool Only) or DeWALT DC823Bthen i could use my drill power packs.
  4. all the dewalt batteries seem to be black and yellow, there are some aftermarket that are all black. the pictures i see on line the 20v battery looks bigger than what i had thought they looked like, they are much deeper than i had thought. i have only seen this impact at sears and it was without battery. is there more than one size dewalt 20v battery? Thank you to everyone who has replied & tool Junkie, i really appreciate and enjoy your help, & thoughts
  5. looking on embay, i see this number, DWT-DCF883M2what does the M2 mean? i see some of the pictures the batteries are different colors.
  6. how do you tell if it is a 4.0 battery and what is the difference?
  7. any particular place you would purchase one from?
  8. what are the thoughts of purchasing the 1/2 then using an adapter, that way i can always take the adapter off for the higher power? I have never done this, but there is no reason i could not use half inch sockets. I just have not as the 3/8 tools are lighter and less tiring in a long day.
  9. wish i could find a deal on 20v, but they seem to be non existent! my 18v drill came with 2 batteries, do the 20 v impacts come with one or two batteries, if it is one, that is going to be another cost on top of the purchase.
  10. i used a buddy's snap-on when i was running on the dyno last year. it was nice and light to use. the 18v are heavier than a air powered. side note i was told the tractor supply has the 18v KIT on sale, A friend purchased one for $140 yesterday. richard http://www.policypeddler.com
  11. how do you like them? what are you using them for? which do you prefer. my main use is going to be to disassemble race motors. how long do the batteries last. being lazy right now, do you know how many batteries it come in the kit? I am surprised there is no control for how much power it transmits like there is with an air ratchet. I looked at purchasing just the impact, then the batteries separately, that looked like it was going to be way more expensive. I was very surprised when i saw the batteries at a street price of $150 for 2~!
  12. looking at these two tools, one is a 3/8 vs 1/2. the 1/2 has a small amount more power. They both appear to be the same size, they are the same weight. Is there really any significant difference? What are your expeirences with the two of them? the 3/8 has a clip on it to hold the socket on, I have them on some air tools and do a very poor job at best. is it the same with this unit or does it really work? thank you Richard
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