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  1. Figured this could use an update, the Craftsman Versastack(Tstak) now has a water seal around the boxes and many individual boxes and sets are available in store at lowe's. Picked up a waterproof set of Versastack ll(reg), Vl(medium) and large roller. And of course the new Dewalt flexvolt tool dust extractor is also Tstak/Versastack compatible. With a remote and meets OSHA. I have not seen it in person yet. I may have to find a way to customize it so a m18 fits...
  2. It seems to be missing the connectors on the bottom in order to connect it to the trolley/another box. I've been using my bosses Festool tanos vacuum when light sanding, it's super convenient. I will need one of these.
  3. That's exactly why I kept a set of Ridgids, for framing and porch/deck work.
  4. I could really see this useful for a bigger company like an electric/cable company doing big projects. I would rather have my accessories in the Tstak with the tool. As a subcontractor, I don't think I would ever need to carry that many bits/drivers/small tools in my stack.
  5. Looks interesting, but not sold on the mini boxes. I could use a tstak VIII at half the height, with the long handle. Dewalt made some sockets and wrenches that came in a black/gold plastic boxes that were so close to the Tstak size, it's a missed opportunity for Tstak. I might have bought those instead of my Wallyworld Bostich set.
  6. These mini boxes/tstak seems interesting. That is a lot of accessory storage. How about a Tstak VIII at about half the height, including the long folding handle?
  7. After priming and painting it with haze gray deck paint, I had to figure out how to carry taller items/garbage cans/etc. I came with this. Just a couple screws and I can customize it a couple different ways. Even create a lip with the closest beam.
  8. I figured this is the best forum for my custom raised bed project. I went camping recently and put an airmattress in the back of my Toyota. It worked out great other than having no storage underneath. I've noticed the same problem with my ladders/extension poles vs mitersaw/toolboxes etc. So I put some boards across and bought a couple sheets of 3/4 plywood and scribed them to the sides. I split it about one-third and two thirds.
  9. I got my third round of boxes. I really like this setup. I was doing a kitchen install and put my drill/driver box, interior screw box, Jigsaw drawer box, and my air nailer box all on the 4 caster base and move it around as cabs went in and trim went on. It rolled wherever I needed it and out of the way when I didn't, but it never left the room. Normally I would have had most of those boxes in the other room and would've ran back and forth. It was a very tight kitchen.
  10. Hi, Andrew. You might wan to make some changes to your profile, we can see your address. Most any corded drill will get the job done, drilling holes and driving screws. If you plan on going battery powered, lots of answers in the forums.
  11. Notes for Tstak At HD you can get Tstaks I-VI(1-6), the cart, the trolley and the foam. At Acme/lumberyards you can all the above plus: VII - box 6 with the handle/attic of box 1 (large box with large top handle) VIII - size of box 6 but open top with large handle Mobile storage box- also under Craftsman/stanley fatmax name, biggest box with two wheels and popup handle Tstak Connect radio- built tough like the Tough system radio but interlocks with tstak
  12. I still use the one that came with my Milwaukee nicad circ saw kit. It works on the M18 circ, the 6 1/2 Fuel circ, the 7.25 1st gen Fuel circ. What that tells you is that I got some saws without one...
  13. I bought into the M12 line first and used mine quite a bit, loud but works. I was using mine to clean out some caulk/make room for metal around a window and one of the male prongs broke and stuck into the battery. First I noticed the battery came loose and I popped it back in. Went back to work for a minute, battery fell out. Then noticed the prong sticking out. I still need to send it back to Milwaukee, also a flashlight that doesn't work either. Went and bought a M18 the next day. Love it and it cranks. Oscillating Mult-tools needs a big battery, they seem to use a lot of juice.
  14. Update, the job I had ended up not coming to fruition. I still used the jacket while hiking and walking the dog. Only occasionally at work, when moving you don't really need the heat on high. I only really used it during breaks and lunch. I used the heated sweatshirt underneath my regular work jackets because they are already worn but not dead. I use the outer jacket all the time as regular going out jacket. It's got clean lines and a simple look.
  15. I bought into the modular tool boxes. Great deal at the holidays and are half the price of other waterproof systems. Worked great when I had an open pickup. I used them as stepstools and horses. Plus they are at HD. The milk crate box is underrated, big enough to hold paint pans and the like, plus it lets them dry out. I also bought a belt sander, only one in the store for sale. There's not much a competitive market here locally...
  16. After being in the trades, mostly carpentry and rental properties, I finally decided on Tstak as my choice of toolbox system. I have grown into a mostly interior trim carpenter and love these boxes. I have used all the brands and I was using a combination of the Milwaukee organizers and the 26" Jobsite box. At the same time I was using the Ridgid pro boxes for my bigger routers/planer etc. I was waiting for what ended up being Packout from Milwaukee, but the price is too high. And I thought the Ridgid system was too heavy.... I put a cap on my truck and now I no longer have the need for watertight boxes. I've worked at companies who use Festool tools, and I like the Systainer but the price is too much for an empty box, for me. And the whole idea of modular tool boxes is that everything goes into one. Maybe one day I'll put Festool tools and put in Tstask, lol. Another company I worked for was using the Tough System and I like it a lot also, but it's also a little heavy. They were not using it to it's fullest with carts/wall/van brackets etc. They were new to the modular tool box. If I go to a van I might switch to Tough System just for the wall/van brackets. Over time I will add some photos of actual tools in the boxes and the setup. First round, was the Craftfsman set I got locally, still had to drive an hour to touch some Tstaks in hand. Checked that most tools will fit with accessories etc, combo certain tools together. Now the Craftsman "Mobile Storage" bottom box with wheels is bigger than the standard big Tstak and will fit Sawzalls and longer bigger items. The wheels and extending arm look like the weak point, wheels will pickup sand/mud/snow on the inside. Second round, I ordered one of the Home Depot sets with nice upright trolley and drawer/big boxes. A much better designed wheel system than the "Mobile Storage", as nice as the Festool Sys-Roll for the price. Plus it folds down. Also to note some boxes/combinations can only be purchased at certain places. HD has their boxes and Acme has some boxes not available at HD, vice versa. Most DeWalt suppliers(lumberyards) can order any of them I've found.
  17. I recently got a Craftsman Tstak set. I've been looking at the Tstak for awhile but their are none locally. So I went to Lowes( an hour plus away) to check them out. My local HD have never cared the Tstak. Thanks to Craftsman for sealing the deal on Tstaks.
  18. I like the 2 drawer unit but it could be even better with a thin flip up clear cover on each drawer. The main complaint about this unit is that tools/parts will intermingle and mess with the slides.
  19. Pretty interesting, but how would you get to the organizers when they are in a stack? Is there a top handle somewhere? I think I could use a shorter open top tote Tstak 8 more.
  20. I have been thinking about getting the Milwaukee or Bosch dust extractor and I was wondering would this be attachable to them with a little work. Both of those extractors it seems, are made to work with Sortimo/Lboxx. So the size should be about right.... I finally decided on Tstaks.
  21. I would love an M18 9.0 track saw for doing floors and kitchens. They have not fully stepped into the trim carpentry world yet. The planer is nice, but your corporate cousins have belt sanders and laminate routers. Even their corporate cousins battery powered guns might be better. Speaking of which, how about a midsize router working on 9.0? I'll take a M18 trim/laminate router instead.
  22. I'm looking at the right angle impact as a stop gap until the removable head unit drill comes over.
  23. I got my Christmas gift early, the 3-1 heated Ripstop Jacket. It is a high quality sweatshirt, none of my Carhart, Walls, etc have protective coverage on the pockets and elbow/forearms. Heat works great. The outer jacket is real nice also with the protection on the pockets and the ripstop shell. It seems a little bulky in the middle, even with the sweatshirt under it. I'm not a wide guy though. Maybe a couple washes will let it lay more naturally. Very impressed with the zippers, underarm flex material and stitching. It has been unseasonably warm here in the mountains, still not really cold enough for the heat. We would usually have had snowstorm a month ago....
  24. Here's my M12 heated hoodie story. I got it for Xmas three years ago and used around town, not at work. Great sweatshirt, just not work tough. I wore it to empty out a house that had a fire, lugging boxes but their was no heat in the house either. It quit working at the end of the day, new battery or not. Nothing. Put it in my closet and forgot about it. Now way past warranty. We moved and my wife pulled it out of a box and did some soldering and fixed it. Apparently I had some things in my front pockets and the boxes pressed down and separated the wire. I talked to a rep about it at hd a couple of weeks ago and he said the wire placement had changed. I'm going to be doing a lot of outside work this winter and am hoping to pass it to her....so I can get the 3 in 1. I'm digging the heavy duty sweatshirt it comes with. I'll be doing some work around some ski resorts and I'll report back if it works for that environment. I haven't seen any M12 3.0 amp hour batteries around, have they come out?
  25. I have the Ridgid toolbox corded vac (hose and 3 attachments store inside). Simply a great design. I'm guessing it does not attach to the Milwaukee Packout.....almost perfect.
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