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  1. Awesome good to hear, Empire makes awesome stuff for alot of grinding applications,their customer service is exceptional as well.
  2. 3M makes good ones, check out empire abrasives as well.
  3. Eastwood makes a a good welder at a good price. Great for a beginner. You wont be doing any crazy stuff with it but they work. Look around for used welders too,some welders can be crazy expensive and if you arent doing a ton of welding day in and day out save your dough. We have a couple Lincolns at the shop. ESAB makes some nice stuff but again pricey. ESAB plasma cutters rock.
  4. Thats an NC controller not CNC. Similar but different the old machines are still good just not very fast. their claim to fame thou is they were built like tanks and very stable. Nowadays with todays machining tech its all about speed,material removal,and how much you can get done per operation. I know a place that has some of these Kearney and Trecker machines,and they are fairly large. I like my small parts,big stuff is a pain. Id take my Haas VF2 and VF3 SS mills over the big stuff anyday.
  5. That sucks man,I am vested a bit in the PC 20v line too. Have 2 impacts and 2 drills,and the recip. I think ive owned mine for 4 years or so now and have often wondered if mine would die especially the recip because ive put that little thing through some work I know for sure it wasnt meant to handle. I knew going in you get what you pay for but thats why I also have my Bosch stuff. If my low end stuff dies its not really much of a loss I can easily replace it with something better,it just sucks losing a tool. I love the PC impacts but have wanted a better multi speed one for sometime. Most of my lifetime warranty and warranty services I have gotten are a result of social media interaction,I send in pics and all that next thing I know I have a new tool. and you usually dont have to dealwith asshats who are clueless.
  6. True, Its just sad that alot of companies build quality cant be trusted any more.
  7. Alot of Newer vises are not built like they used to be sadly. Keep your eyes out for older models people are selling too like a Wilton or something like that. They are made like tanks.
  8. Fazzman

    BOSCH PS22

    I love my PS22,use it for all sorts of stuff. It has amazing torque control,and if you have younger kids like i do its easy for them to use too. Ive used mine to assemble/repair furniture,electrical work,all sorts of projects around the house. For drilling I use my PS130 havent tried the ps22 for that because i dont have hex shanked bits,as a machinist i have an abundance of standard shank drills. The Bosch 12v line is great and im hoping to get the new impacts added to my arsenal.
  9. Those are sweet man. diamalloy are really good. get some wd 40 rust remover and it will help clean them right up without damaging the metal. Some 000 steel wool helps alot too. Then you can Plastidip the handles and they will be comfy again.
  10. Enco or any industrial supplier should have them.
  11. In order to use that polishing wheel you linked you need the proper backing plate to use it in a grinder. But it should work. Its the same type of wheel we use in the shop but ours is with a bench grinder. And get some jewelers rouge. They make shank extenders for grinders that'll give you some more clearance between your hands and the buffing wheel otherwise kiss the skin on your hands good bye.
  12. Fazzman

    Checking in

    Taylor of old bond is what im using currently too. Been wanting to try the proraso. I got a Perfecto badger brush.
  13. Fazzman

    Checking in

    ^^^^^^ Awesome guys,glad to see im not the only crew member to see the light in saving money this way,and you are right Bremon it is life changing and fun to shave this way. Yeah wild good tip. since you guys go this option what blades do you use? Ive been using Feather Hi Stainless platinum coated blades. they are crazy sharp. Been wanting to try the Personna blades,have heard alot of good things about them.
  14. Get mayhews they are way better. I had a set of those Craftsman ones they were garbage if you use them often like I do. The shank doesnt go thru the end of the handle,and the handles leave alot to be desired. Mayhew cats paws rock,the handles are amazing and they have a nice striking cap too which can be handy.
  15. Fazzman

    Checking in

    Dang,try and stay cool where you can guys. This heat dome effect is having a major impact everywhere.
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