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  1. Yes very nice look forward to this.
  2. Seems to be the normal deal early buyers get deals longer its around price goes back near msrp. I bought all the new flexvolt stuff full kit 120v miter 499 now its 699 most places flexvolt battery table saw 249 way up now. Guess it just pays to buy the larger tools near launch. I got the $199 Power stations price myself and its damn handy to have around.
  3. I have the dewalt hard cases for the DCN690 and 692 framers those boxes might work. I would sell mine but figure they are to large to ship to be worth it
  4. I agree 12 is just not worth the coin yet.
  5. Yeah new sticker, xmas gift for homeowners.
  6. Thanks for the information looks nice I however have no need for a plastic collated gun. I really like the paper tape guns DCN690/692 and hope to find a newer version of those soon. Would be happy if its nothing more then a large magazine for 2 rows of nails but more power would be great as well.
  7. I would love to know if flexvolt 9/12ah will fit in the two drawer and if so how many?
  8. JRS5565

    Home Depot

    If your on the lookout for a Makita Rear handle Saw or Dual Batt Recip Home Depot in the Auburn/Fort Wayne Indiana area have marked them down to 249.00 per Kit and still have the free 2 pack of 5.0 with the deal.
  9. Looking forward to what will come from this show. I will guess a cordless framing nailer will be shown. And for the big news hinted at from e-mails A new higher voltage line not compatible with m18 so people have something to bitch about and decide they have to switch platforms as they are so offended.
  10. I got a hitachi its nice I hate the different battery platform and still use the dewalts often.
  11. 99.99 Is not bad I sent it in and the guaranteed repair cost was 199.99 max and they ate every bit of that with poor results. I Will no longer fix other then the springs.
  12. Might be better to just get a new one the service center hosed me on repairs.
  13. Thirty years good lord if the tools still serviceable when that battery fails I expect they will fix it if you pay.
  14. I wish they would just make the home owner brand tools like this with powered by dewalt. Heck all the odd lower brands and even the good ones like bostitch. I dont think anyone would be unhappy when buying a lower brand tool and it seems like that would point them to normal branded dewalt stuff as they would have a battery already.
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