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  1. @Jronman totally. I have no doubts about the Dewalt tools. I know they'll serve me just as well. Really almost everyone I work/have worked uses Dewalt cordless. Makita is up there in price too. Economically speaking I think Dewalt is the cheapest, and also most commonly sold in stores too, but you're right makita is definitely a top notch company too. They sure do make a nice track saw! @khariV I thought about that. Those guns and router etc aren't a must have right now.. they can wait. I need some more batteries for my Milwaukee which I'm not sure I want to get with me really leaning towards a switch to Dewalt. So even if I did say buy a gun and router and some batteries sure it would help ease the transition however it wouldn't solve my Milwaukee battery issue. my tools are a big part of how I make my money. I know I couldn't sell the red tools for what I paid, but they've paid me many times over
  2. @Biggie I have no issues with Milwaukee tools. Actually, I quite like them. They have served me very well, however they're significantly more money here in Canada, which is a motivating factor for me. @Jronman their nail guns, and router.. I'm certain more will come.. Milwaukee doesn't seem to have much drive to look after the carpenters. And the tools that Milwaukee does offer, Dewalt beats them on price
  3. Hey guys. Lately I've been having serious thoughts about getting rid of my Milwaukee and investing in some dewalt cordless. As a carpenter dewalt really has a ton of tools out There, while Milwaukee lacks. (I was an electrician when I bought my Milwaukee set). Dewalt and Milwaukee pricing are night and day different. Dewalt is much cheaper in Canada. I feel as though a few of my tools still owe me since they're relatively new. I spoke wi a Dewalt rep at a trade show and he said they offer a trade up program.. Basically im torn.. Do I keep plugging away with the Milwaukee? Really what I want is a couple more batteries and I'll be mostly content.. If I switch to Dewalt I'm looking to get the same 6 tools I have in red, plus a few batteries.. But then the list goes on;) should I wait a few years? Or do I make the switch? I don't want to feel like I've "lost" after buying the new tools, and getting rid of them shortly after. Would I have much luck selling any perhaps? I don't know how much a demand there is for used tools.. cheers! Mike
  4. This cabinet turned out great! I have loved following along. I have always been excited for the updates, and couldn't wait to see it finished. Well, now part of me is sad it's finished! Haha. Great Work, and enjoy!
  5. You can free hand it nicely too. Definitely the way to cope trim in my opinion
  6. Pack out for sure. I was really hoping they'd do a system. I can't wait to check one out. I've been thinking about building a box for my cordless, but I'll delay it even a little longer until I can see them. Other then that Milwaukee let me down. The fuel hackzall is nice, and don't get me wrong cordless heat gun and soldering iron are quite cool to see. The lights are good too, but nothing really blew me away. Dewalt really set the bar high last year. I understand Milwaukee has found their niche market in plumbers and electricians, but I would love for them to expand their horizons personally. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this haha
  7. A few suggestions- avoid using a thin kerf blade. In my experience they can wobble and all of a sudden your perfectly cut miter is a little open and filling them never looks good. When nailing inside corners I tend to not nail right in the corner. If there's a hollow or any undulations in the wall, nailing right in the corner can draw your piece of baseboard in and once again you'll have a gap 18 gauge is nice to use vs a 16 because the smaller diameter nail leaves a smaller hole which is much easier to hide. Good luck and be sure to show off your work when it's done! cheers
  8. Something I'm personally scared to try to build, but I have seen some excellent ones done on YouTube, and I wouldn't have any issues with using them. Go for it OP.. I think I can speak for many of us and say- do a build thread on it!
  9. very cool! How did you get into this? i once did a service call for an older gentleman who was a radio finatic. It was fascinating to see his collection, and fun to see all the joy he had to talk about it cheers
  10. mike_dave


    Keep at it and you'll get it. It Takes some time to develop a good technique
  11. Gotcha ?? glad you had already thought about that
  12. Hey Chris just curious.. Did you by any chance put a moisture barrier below your bottom plate?
  13. I should get one of these for my girlfriend. She has Reynaulds too
  14. I think it would really shine when working a lot with threaded rod
  15. You can draw a circle with a couple of nails and framing square too
  16. Never played before... rock music?
  17. Steven, I wish you all the best in 2017. What a rough stretch you have gone through.. We're all fortunate to have such a great gang to come and vent to, learn from, and laugh with. All the best Mike
  18. I typically change my own oil. I've gotten burned before going to quick lube places when all my extra driving caught up to me and I noticed I was due. Ill never do that again. Occasionally I go into a shop to have it done. I know the family that owns it and really trust them and their mechanics. For 35 bucks for oil and filter plus a bumper to bumper inspection, you can't beat the peace of mind.
  19. Just replace the redwing with a maple leaf eh!;)
  20. Beautiful little guy you have their Chris. What a special Christmas. Just wait, next year he'll be mobile! I got to spend Christmas with my nephew who's almost 15 months and it was a riot. Merry Christmas everyone!
  21. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.. may seem like a dirty move, but tell them how disappointed you are and that's your considering making a switch to a competitor.. it does work...
  22. Chris, congrats! I cannot wait to see this shop all set up.. after scrolling through the thread and the pictures it is safe to say I could have a ton of fun in here. such a great collection you have. can you give us some insight to what tools are next on the list, or perhaps what projects you have in mind? Cheers
  23. I have gotten in touch with them once. I got rather short replies and I felt like I was an inconvenience to them. Not to mention it took me asking three times for them to let me know where my closest authorized repair center was.. Not impressed as I heard from many that Milwaukee has very good customer service. best of luck to you
  24. Are you a framer? I have many buddies who own them. They love them but don't think they're worth the money. They all received them as gifts and would never pay full price for one themselves.
  25. Looking forward to your posts and insight
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