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  1. I agree would be a fun thread to look through.
  2. I just came across this box in just messing around on the internet, I definitely don't own one of these, i posted it up as more of a look at what is being done. Not necessarily a hey you need to buy this, if you own this or go buy this more power to you, I was just sharing some cool tool stuff with tool people. Also if there is a more appropriate section of the forum for this type of post please let me know. (still pretty new at posting here)
  3. They call it a "textured powder coat"
  4. Its called a billy box, made in Austin,TX, customization with speakers dividers and best of all gun racks. http://www.billyboxes.com/
  5. Didn't pick any of them up yet. Don't have a big use for them. And thanks for the welcome.
  6. I was in my local Home Depot saw these figured I could snap some pics for you guys.
  7. I have those same Milwaukee Demo drivers. Beat the crap out of the flat-head in to some steel. the thing still looks brand new, love em.
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