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  1. Here is a picture of the GNAP's shop
  2. I'm an industrial boiler service technician, for about 40 years. I worked for a major manufacturer and went all over the world fixing and start ups. Now working main in the northeast USA. Run a small machine/fab shop out of the garage, making boiler parts, race car parts and whatever is needed.
  3. The guy in the video was wound way too tightly. He should not go to Decaf, he should go directly to Prozac.
  4. I really like the Metabo grinders that I've used, for a long time at work, all of time corded. A while back I got a Metabo #W 18 LTX 115, 18 volt cordless angle grinder, aside for the difference in balance between the corded models and the cordless ones, it works very well. I'm probably going to be in the market for a cordless electric drill/driver, as I would like to standardize on batteries, does any one have the Metabo cordless drill that uses the "18 V Li-Power Extreme" battery system? If so how do you like it? Would you recommend it?? Cordless drill wise, I've been using numerous variations of the 18 volt Milwaukee cordless for about 12 years, the latest one took a 20+ foot drop last week and it didn't really fare all that well from the drop. The last version of the Milwaukee 18 volt, is the only tool I have in that battery design. Aside from the cordless drill , the only other cordless tool I own and use is the Metabo Grinder.
  5. its all part of the the GNAP's burden, The Holy Quest For The Perfect Ratchet (THQFTPR), I haven't found it yet, but I'll keep looking
  6. I have one of the HArbor Freight 44" bottom boxes and 5 of the 7 drawer side boxes, they are great, built to last, ball bearing slides and the metal is a lot thicker than the Craftsman boxes I have.
  7. They had a TV ads for the saw on the Discovery channel, it was obvious they made the regular sawzall look bad and did everything to make theirs look great (it TV after all), to me it a gimmick. As Conductor562 said, a sawzall is not a precision tool I have one of the Craaftsman Dual-Cut circular saws, and find it about worthless, the saw kerf is about 3/8", its hard to see where you are cutting, throws hot chips everywhere and jams very easily, one of the worst tools I've ever bought.
  8. Hello, My name is Jack. I'm an industrial boiler service technician, and live near Syracuse, NY. I'm a member over at Garage Gazette, one of the members over there, Conductor562, has posted a few interesting articles, so I decide to come and see what else is here. I run a small machine shop out of my shop, making obsolete boiler parts for work, race car parts for some friends and whatever else, I need. I'm looking forward to being a member here.
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