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  1. as soon as you started with getting lboxx's. you definitely get more and more. im at 10 lboxx's already
  2. thats a pretty cool test of those centipedes . they hold quite a bunch of load
  3. its a great one and i can speak out of experience. i own it
  4. great price for 5 tools
  5. so first at all, when you buy a bosch tool. look for the L in the product name. that means it comes in a lboxx. some tools are available as bare tools ( or available in lboxx (L) the ROS65VC-6 has no case or anything. check out the ROS65VCL - that kit includes the sander, 5" pad, 6" pad, lboxx3 etc. (but how it looks like it has been discontinued) maybe we will see a newer model of it) and the barrel grib jigsaw is also available in a lboxx2 -> Bosch JS572EBL (the L stands for lboxx, also available as EB so bare tool) EDIT: kinda over read your post BK - and you was talking about the discontinued combo kit. its gonna be hard to find one now
  6. ill check HD out tmw. but im pretty sure they gonna drop the prices more on friday. they did it last year too and i bought a bunch of stuff 1 week after BF
  7. wow 455 is a amazing good deal - i would jump on it before they are all gone.
  8. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Combo-Kit-9-Tool-2695-29/206469014?cm_mmc=hd_email-_-GRW_A1_X02-_-20151201_MEMBER__EMPIX02_L04_2889084-_-VA_subherosbotd&et_rid=66820564 good or bad?!
  9. that drill looks good. how much torque or rpm ?
  10. the price is amazing good on that plattform. its 40inches long for 20 bucks. HOmedepot has also a plattform but its just 24inches long for 18 bucks. guess its a no brainer which to choose haha. besides i went to 2 homedepot's and they were all out
  11. here my BF2015 purchase (Lowes got raided this year, didnt buy anything from HD)
  12. go bigmike or gohome lol. great haul you got there man. i looked at all the tool boxes at HD. i would go MIlwaukee then husky but the dewalt just looks cheaply build
  13. quite a few nice items at HD's BF sale. im looking forward to buy the aluminum work platform but prolly not from HD. its just 20" long and lowes's aluminum work platform is 40.5" long for $20
  14. well i checked out our local homedepot and some items are stocked up but on the other side some are still "secret" in black foil. those are prolly the good deals or so
  15. thanks chris. i will enjoy the radio tmw while cleaning up the garage/shop
  16. sup guys, been busy with projects around the house and smaller/ bigger projects at friends houses to make some money on the side. but i still find time to post my new stuff here bought the new radio for $117 with tax at lowes ( i also had a $20 off coupon which made it more delightful)
  17. yes the BNS200 i was talking about...its actually called BNS200-18
  18. i gotta say. i just love the framing gun. and every other nailer i have from bosch. guess just the BNS200 is missing in my collection. ok the coil nailer too but thats not a very common tool to use for me. either the 15ga angled nailer
  19. seen it before. but its definitely a great idea
  20. nope. not included. bought one for like $3. not a big deal
  21. buy it! lol. i just love my finish nailer. i use it more than anything else. my wife bought me that one couple month ago
  22. have to buy a 3/8 air fitting today and then i can try it out
  23. yeah many peeps dont even know that bosch has pneumatic tools
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