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  1. http://www.cpooutlets.com/bosch-ps31-2alpb-12v-cordless-lithium-ion-drill-driver-and-radio-with-l-boxx2/bshnps31-2alpb,default,pd.html?ref=em20151028&utm_medium=email&utm_source=em20151028&utm_campaign=clubcpo-BSHNPS31-2ALPB-a&email=alex.ktm.us@hotmail.com&modalsignup=hide
  2. yeah friend from Ohio picked them up and sent it over to me (west coast) i have the 16ga finish nailer and i love it. i have no complains with it. largest nail was so far 2" and no problem at all to sink it in all the way.
  3. hey guys, wanted to share 2 new nailer with you. will do a review soon
  4. great deal...i bought that one last year from HD for the same price. comes in handy
  5. madman_us

    HD Trip

    the radio looks pretty cool but how it works out for someone...not quite sure
  6. i bought couple days ago a blue 14" kobalt wrench which was $15 for just $1
  7. dust extraction on the GCM12SD is really great. the chute should be a little bit longer tho. sometimes the sawdust flies underneath it
  8. good job andrew - looks great
  9. you save quite some money there...good job
  10. thats the bosch power - sticks to everything no its just mounted to the wall
  11. the 20V blower is pretty rare here inthe stores too
  12. wow $99 for the blower and battery....thats insane
  13. nice video. i can imagine you need all those garden tools sometimes i wish to have grass in my yard too haha
  14. yeah i seen those items too here at my local lowes
  15. why at all? i can imagine anything else but not a saw blade
  16. this air compressor works perfectly to run my nail guns....no use for mechanic tools. i never heard that air compressor running from HF - but i can imagine its loud haha. This PC compressor is pretty decent in noise level, cant complain
  17. i wanna know which ones performs better, 12V or 18V version
  18. i just found this saw at Bosch UK http://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/gsa-18-v-li-c-38475-ocs-p/
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