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  1. they actually dont haha...but it would be great if
  2. i have the same stapler. but i kinda like a pneumatic stapler more....would be awesome to have a bosch 12v or 18v stapler
  3. great stuff - HD hooks you up with items you dont plan to get
  4. That would be quite nice to see m12 or b12 that cheap
  5. I'll check them out Next time when I'm @ HD
  6. I won't even click on that link because I might gonna see something I like haha
  7. how long does the battery lasts ?
  8. man those are some high quality pictures....you see every bling bling in your sockets
  9. sweet - some bright yellow tires
  10. i wait for Bosch's blower in fall. ok first it will just get release in germany but i have connections over there
  11. an adapter would be great lol
  12. looks like everyone is getting it....i just sold and traded my 5.0s
  13. pretty sure the climate plays a important role too. i know a framer here in my area and hes doing that since 30y. you can tell that hes out in the weather all day long. working here in the desert is crazy. 100-115 degrees. the sun is amazing strong. and that how his skin etc looks like.
  14. ok the paslode uses those fuel cells to get more power right?!
  15. framing is a lot of fun...i enjoyed doing it when i reframed a wall in the house.
  16. you are right. i cant really imagine that those cordless nailer can ram a 3-1/2" nail in wood.
  17. i want to get rid of my dewalt 5.0s (brand new) - let me know if you are interested chris
  18. good job on the framing - looks really good
  19. madman_us

    I'm a big fan.

    great that you like it
  20. doesnt look to bad of a price
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