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  1. It's because Milwaukee doesn't manufacture them. The Hong Kong manufacturer that does also makes radios for Hilti and Metabo.
  2. From the manual: A little trial and error will show you what is the optimum setting for the situation. I guess you can't expect much from a $20 Walmart drill.
  3. M80

    Old 18V compatibility

    There is no G series imapct wrench.
  4. It says right in the description. "Protective cover helps prevent battery contamination"
  5. M80

    Home Depot

    Trying to talk myself into buying an extra saw that I don't really need.
  6. You need to switch it to the other chuck.
  7. I didn't need it, but I bought it anyways
  8. M80

    Please help

    Part # 313226-8
  9. M80

    Time Off?

    Time off? What's that?
  10. They already have a backpack battery for the X2 tools. http://www.makitauk.com/accessories/batteries/li-ion/bl36120a-36v-battery-backpack.html No reason they might not continue down that path.
  11. I think you are talking about a different tool. The XDS01Z is not a drywall router.
  12. DeWalt flexvolt batteries are 20V/60V max. Which is the same as 18V/58V.
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