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  1. bosch and hilti are the world leaders in concrete drilling, and demolition.if you don't want to pay the middleman mark-up of the hilti, than i think bosch is your best alternative.
  2. Would you consider using an oscillating tool? Much less dust created, and easier to manage?
  3. i have used this saw once at a trade show, so i can't speak about the longevity of the saw, i was impressed by the power, and the depth of cut. i was ripping down 4X lumber, and it mowed right through. most of the jobsite saws have the power to do this, but the skil gives you the depth to do it, i think the rip capacity is like 3 5/8". it may be my next tablesaw.
  4. you may have problems trying to find a 1/8 inch sds rotary hammer bit, the smallest I've seen are 5/32. while a rotary hammer is the preferred tool for drilling concrete, a hammerdrill should be able to drill 1/8 and 3/16 holes. I would try a new bit. I've had success with the bosch blue granite. you'll probably only get a couple holes per bit, 6 max, so keep that in mind.
  5. rrich, I will follow-up in the welding sub forum after I've put in some time with it. since i'm new to welding, all I can comment on is how easy it is for a newbie.
  6. ChrisK, I will follow-up in the welding sub forum, to be honest though, I have such limited experience with welding, I don't have a base. what I will comment on, is how it works for a newbie!
  7. So, gonna learn how to weld, so I picked up one of these. It's the new line from harbor freight.
  8. many tools have steel cutting blades available for them, but i think i would stick with a good old grinder. more importantly, don't forget hearing protection, and safety glasses. good luck
  9. obviously you like your Hilti, more power to you, they are great tools, but i think your prices are skewed. i found the 11264 on amazon canada for 750.00, and the 11321 for 730.00. wherever you buy tools, change! here in the lower 48, which is my reference point the home depot prices are, TE50 $720.00 11264 $549.00 11321 $496.00 so you can see why i made my claim. sorry if it ruffled your feathers.
  10. Bosch, and Hilti are the world leaders in concrete drilling, and demo, so you can't go wrong with either. Hilti will be more expensive than the Bosch. https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/boschtools-ocs/hammers-23411-c/ here's the link for Bosch hammers. also keep in mind that there are chipping/demo hammers, and there are combination hammers. the combination hammers aren't going to hit as hard, but they can drill. Where the chipping hammers don't spin, but put all the power to hitting. a good combi hammer from bosch 11264. a good chipping hammer from bosch is the 11321. good luck.
  11. the bosch 4100, will accommodate an 8" dado, with a 13/16" width.
  12. after reading up on this one, it will do what you want. it also has point lasers. this is something i want now.
  13. the gll3-15, can be locked, and turned on. so you can set it to any angle you want. you can also cycle through each line, horizontal, and vertical. hope this helps.
  14. the Bosch 4100, jobsite saw is compact, powerful, and very well reviewed. i will say i own the older 4000 model, and i love it!
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